Moses and Mitchell Beat Hammer Heads Billiards

KBP 9-Ball Tour / Holiday, FL
by Rick Davis
The KBP 9-Ball Tour hit Hammer Heads Billiards in Holiday, FL, over the April 14-15 weekend. Billy Moses claimed the open event and Stephanie Mitchell took the ladies’ event, each player making a comeback from a late defeat.
In the 32-player open division Moses quickly reached the hot seat match, where he faced Jose Ybarra and fell just shy after Ybarra took the double-hill win. On the one-loss side it was a fight to the finish as Jeremy Bell ousted Jason Richko 5-4 and Bobby Livraco eliminated Keelan McCuller 5-2. In the quarterfinals Bell came out on top of another double-hill battle, eliminating Livraco, but then fell to Moses 5-3 in the semifinals. With Moses and Ybarra clashing again, the match seemed destined to be close once more, but this time a new result came out as Moses claimed the match 7-5.
In the ladies’ division Stacey Lantz shot out to the hot seat match, where she faced and defeated Deann Footer 7-5. On the one-loss side Mitchell was on the road to recovery, and after drilling Jessica Barnes 5-1, she did nearly as well in the quarterfinals against Peggy Rowe, knocking her out by virtue of a 5-2 score. In the semifinals Mitchell was still untouchable as she blazed through Footer 5-1 to reach the finals. Now able to taste the first-place title, Mitchell played strong, although Lantz was not giving up any ground and just before the warning lights of double-hill could be seen, Mitchell claimed the match 7-5 to complete an excellent comeback.
Open Results:
1st Billy Moses
2nd Jose Ybarra
3rd Jeremy Bell
4th Bobby Livraco
5th Jason Richko
Keelan McCuller
Ladies’ Results:
1st Stephanie Mitchell
2nd Stacy Lantz
3rd Deann Footer
4th Peggy Rowe