Dedicated Billiard Victory for Hjorliefson

Canadian 30K Tour / Newmarket, ONT
by Willy Hermoza and Tony Butera
Frequent winner Erik Hjorliefson went undefeated at the April 14-15 stop of the Canadian 30K Tour. Hosted by Bigwig Billiards in Newmarket, ONT, this event attracted 40 players vying for the first-place prize.
On Sunday, Hjorliefson steamrolled over Dennis Rhodes, defeating him 10-2 and sending him to the one-loss side grind. On the bottom half of the winners’-side bracket, 14-year-old Jeff Robson bested Rob Brandenburg 5-8 in an exciting double-hill match. The battle for the hot seat was a one-man show, as Hjorliefson took over and defeated Robson 10-1.
On the top of the one-loss side, Dennis Rhodes bested Brian McDougal in another double-hill match 7-7. Also, Jason Klatt made quick work of Brandenburg 9-3 to win the bottom bracket of the one-loss side. Never letting up, Klatt trounced Rhodes 10-2 and stampeded Robson 10-1.
The stage was set for the final scene. Hjorleifson started out slow but then kicked it into high gear, never really letting Klatt into the action. Erik won the match 9-4, dedicating this win to his grandmother, who recently passed away.
1st Erik Hjorliefson
2nd Jason Klatt
3rd Jeff Robson
4th Dennis Rhodes
5th Brian McDougall
Rob Brandenburg