Sahatjian Slams the Tri-State Billiard Tour

Tri-State Tour / Edison, NY
by Rick Davis
A special 9-ball event took place April 21 as the Tri-State Tour welcomed a new poolroom into their event schedule. Edison Billiards in Edison, NJ, drew in a sharp 43-player field for the B/D handicapped event where Mario Sahatjian went undefeated to claim the title.
Quickly reaching the hot seat match was Sahatjian, along with Nelson Marte, and after a brief scuffle Sahatjian claimed the match 7-4. On the one-loss side things were wrapping up as the remaining players all contended for the opposition spot in the finals. Gail Glazebrook slammed the door on Michael Harrington 6-0, while Radame Espinal did nearly as well against tour regular Mark Mallari, eliminating him 6-2. In the quarterfinals, things kept close between Espinal and Glazebrook, although at the double-hill mark Espinal slipped by.
With only two matches remaining, Espinal, who dominated the one-loss side, faced off against Marte and the match finished just shy of double-hill as Espinal knocked out Marte 7-5 for his chance at the finals. While the finals offered another close match, Sahatjian continued to keep control and before long he had taken the match 9-7 to claim the title.
1st Mario Sahatjian
2nd Radame Espinal
3rd Nelson Marte
4th Gail Glazebrook
5th Michael Harrington
Mark Mallari