Tiger Tour Offers a Full Weekend of Billiards

Tiger Tour / Hagerstown, MD
by Rick Davis
The Tiger Tour brought out three divisions of play over their April 21-22 weekend event, which took place at Hagerstown Billiards and Café in Hagerstown, MD. The open and ladies’ divisions were taken by Carl Jones and My-Hanh Lac, respectively, each going undefeated, while Matt Clatterbuck came back from a late-round loss to claim the bar box division.
With the open division the largest at 55 players, action chipped away through both days. Once the second day was underway the top players began to gain notice. The winners’ side top four offered a talented group as Shaun Wilkie faced Kevin West, and Jones matched up with Brandon Shuff. West got through Wilkie, while Jones defeated Shuff to complete the hot seat match-up. Jones kept pace, sending West to the left side of the chart. On the one-loss side, the story was comebacks. Mike Davis, who took a third-round loss the first day, got through five one-loss side matches, including eliminating Shuff to reach the quarterfinals. Alongside Davis in the quarterfinals was Brett Stottlemeyer, who, after a fourth-round loss, won a trio of one-loss side matches, defeating Wilkie along the way and ending his run by ousting Davis to reach the semifinals. Stottlemeyer then proceeded to eliminate West to reach the finals, where, after all the hard work, Jones slammed the door on him to claim the event.
The one-day event on Sunday gathered an 18-player field in the ladies’ division, where Lac and Farlon Farleigh zipped over to the hot seat match. Past event winner Lac had no trouble and defeated Farleigh. On the one-loss side Gwen Dicket came back from an opening-round loss, taking five matches on the one-loss side to reach the quarterfinals. There Dickert met and eliminated Cheryl Squire, who had been sent over in the previous round by Farleigh. Dickert ousted Squire but was dispatched with by Farleigh just as quickly as she headed to finals for a rematch against Lac. Much the same outcome came in their second encounter, and Lac pulled out another tour win.
Capping off the weekend was a bar box event with a 19-player field. Clatterbuck clashed with Larry Kressel in the hot seat match, where Kressel came out on top. On the one-loss side Jim Repp eliminated Roger Munson in the quarterfinals before following him out the door after Clatterbuck knocked him out in the semifinals. With only one match to go Clatterbuck made a surge forward and came back to claim the first-place spot.
Open Results:
1st Carl Jones
2nd Brett Stottlemeyer
3rd Kevin West
4th Mike Davis
5th Brandon Shuff
Shaun Wilkie