Sakai Undefeated at Hammer Heads

Ladies Spirit Tour / Holiday, FL
by Rick Davis
Japan’s Miyuki Sakai blew away the 46-player field at Hammer Heads in Holiday, FL, to go undefeated during her reign at the Ladies Spirit Tour’s third tour stop of the 2007 season April 28-29.
On the winners’ side the top four faced off as tour regular Stephanie Mitchell defeated the winner of the last stop, Debbie Schjodt, double-hill. Also, Sakai sliced through the winner of the first event, Jeannie Seaver, 7-4. In the hot seat match Mitchell kept things close, although Sakai was too strong and ultimately defeated Mitchell 7-5.
Over on the one-loss side Dawn Fox was putting together a nice comeback, taking four one-loss match wins, including a 7-1 thrashing against Jessica Barnes, until she was stopped dead by Schjodt 7-2. In that same round Seaver kept herself in the action, eliminating Tamara Redemakers 7-3 to meet Schjodt in the quarterfinals.
With only three matches remaining Seaver ousted Schjodt 7-5 in the quarterfinals but was then knocked out herself 7-3 by Mitchell in the semifinals. With the finals a rematch of the hot seat match the score kept close for the final time. This time around a thrilling double-hill score was reached before Sakai closed out the match with the final rack.
1st Miyuki Sakai
2nd Stephanie Mitchell
3rd Jeannie Seaver
4th Debbie Schjodt
5th Dawn Fox
Tamara Redemakers
7th Jessica Barnes
Ellen Van Buren