We have received several shirt ideas from valued fans and from Inside Pool staff  we have decided to ask our fans which shirts they like best.  please send us your vote to contest.insidepoolmag@gmail.com  You can vote simply by stating I vote for Rack N Roll America Or I vote for Poolplayers Creed or I vote for Outer Space 1,  Outer Space 2, Outer Space 3. You can vote for two of your favorites. In the subject line just type My vote.  We look forward to hearing from our fans! If you are an artist and have a shirt design in mind please submit it to contest.insidepoolmag@gmail.com.  In the subject line put My Design!

Untitled-1     Rack n Roll America Shirt  above picture features Rack N Roll America small logo on front of shirt in upper left corner. Below back of shirt features large Rack N Roll America logo with www.racknrollamerica.com  and Watch us on The Billiard Channel!Untitled-1



0-big-break-shirt-4  Inside pool Outer Space Big Break Theory Shirt 1

0-big-break-shirt-7                    Inside Pool Outer Space Big Break Theory Shirt 2

0-big-break-shirt-9                               Inside Pool Outer Space Big Break Theory Shirt 3

0-big-break-shirt-11                                         Inside Pool Outer Space Big Break Theory Shirt 4

watermarked_big-1          Inside Pool TV.  White T-shirt with Inside Pool TV on the front and  “The Poolplayers Creed” By Brian Haddix on the back of the shirt.

 watermarked_big                  The Back of the shirts text:  I am A Poolplayer, I will work hard to perfect my stroke. I will use finesse when handling my cue. I will shoot with purpose. I will calculate every shot. I will not rely on faith, as with my opponnent, faith can have a conflict of interest. I will not rely on luck, but will acknowledge when it is present. I will not bow my head in defeat. I will accept a defeat as a learning experience. I will not dwell on my victories. For to win is a defeat for someone else.  I will stand tall. I will be a leader,an example, a mentor. I will not let my teammates down. I will not let myself down. I am proud of who I am. I am a poolplayer.

“The Poolplayers Creed” By Brian Haddix