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Van Boening Out; Schmidt Survives; Hohmann & Appleton Dominate Day 3-4


Report courtesy of Phil Capelle . 76th World 14.1 September 5-11, 2016  New York City,  Steinway Billiards. Photos by EDionisio.com

hoho1   Two unlikely heroes in Lo and Zvi emerged from the double elimination round

New York City- Day 3 D-Day at the AndyClothUSA.com World Tournament of 14.1 say half the field eliminated. But this also created 24 relieved pro players entering the second stage of the event, evolving into a 150 points game matches. At the top of the charts with the #1 seed, none other than defending champion Thorsten Hohmann of Germany. But what was not expected has been the brilliant play of Earl Strickland who clinched the #2 seed and bye with a 6-0 record and a resounding 150-22 win over top 14.1 pro Tony Robles today on Day 4. 

The Final 16 Bracket Single Elimination 200 points games.
The Day 5 TV stream schedule is as follows:

11:00am Mika Immonen (FIN) vs Zion ZVI (ISR)
1:30pm John Schmidt (USA) vs Dennis ORCULLO (PHL)
5:00pm Jayson SHAW (SCO) vs Stephan COHEN (FRA)
*7:30pm Danny HARRIMAN (USA) vs Li Wen LO (TPE)
*Pending on time constraints

Secondary TV Stream Matches:

11:00am Archer (USA) vs Eckert (GER)
1:00pm Strickalnd (USA) vs Robles (USA)
5:00pm Appleton (ENG) vs Rodriguez (USA)
7:30pm Hohmann (GER) vs Scharbach (GER)

hoho2            The steely nerved Appleton looks on key for a 4th finals appearance

After the 5 round robin matches, Hohmann had a perfect 5-0 record with 71 balls made against him, and interestingly it was Japan’s Liwen Lo who had the next best scores at 5-0 with only 73 balls made against him. The big shocker came in the double elimination stage when Israel’s Zion Zvi defeated Shane Van Boening 150-110. Shane had been defeated earlier by Darren Appleton 150-14, a similar margin to their 2014 finals encounter.  Another notable win was Germany’s Ralph Eckert defeating USA’s John Schmidt again for the second time of this event. Fortunately Schmidt recovered with a win over NYC’s Sean Morgan 150-38. Dennis Orcullo unseated #2 seed Lo Liwen 150-121, but Lo bounced back with a 150-40 spanking of top 14.1 pro Danny Barouty. Newbie Jorge Rodriguez, a local strong NYC player, is still in with a loss to Frank Scharbach 150-137, but a win 150-33 against Ron Dobosenski.

hoho3   The balls just didn’t roll well for America’s top player Van Boening this World 14.1

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Still alot more action to go with 3 more days of play.

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Day 3 Report by Phil Capelle:

Steinway Billiards – Astoria, New York City

The round robin phase, so 24 players can pack their bags while the 24 qualifiers advance to Thursday’s play.

Seven players led their groups with perfect records of 5-0. They were: Thorsten Hohmann, Jayson Shaw, Earl Strickland, Darren Appleton, Mika Immonen, Ralf Eckert, Lo Li Wen. Jorge Rodriguez, Stephan Cohen, and Danny Harriman tied for first in group 7 with records of 4-1.

New Yorkers to make it to Thursday include Tony Robles, Jorge Rodriguez, Mika Immonen, Jonathan Smith, Zion Zvi, Sean Morgan, Earl Strickland, Holden Chin (L.I.) and Michael Yednak. I’ve got to add Danny Barouty, a Californian who is a New Yorker at heart. That is 10 of the 24 finalists.

Thorsten Hohmann – 5-0
Sean Morgan – 4-1
Bobby Hunter – 3-2

Jayson Shaw – 5-0
Shane Van Boening – 4-1
Danny Barouty – 3-2

Earl Strickland – 5-0
Dennis Orcullo – 4-1
Ron Dobosenski – 2-3 (on tierbreaker)

Darren Appleton – 5-0
Jonathan Smith – 4-1
Tony Robles – 3-2

Mika Immonen – 5-0
Johnny Archer – 4-1
Frank Scharback – 3-2

Ralf Eckert – 5-0
John Schmidt – 4-1
Holden Chin – 3-2

Jorge Rodriguez – 4-1
Stephan Cohen – 4-1
Danny Harriman – 4-1

Lo Li Wen – 5-0
Zion Zvi – 4-1
Michael Yednak – 3-2

In 120 games there was only one century, and only 7 runs over 70 in these games to 100. Considering the quality of the field, it appears as if the conditions are tough, and that defense will be at a premium over the next 4 days of play.

102 – Jayson Shaw
93 – John Schmidt
88 – Jayson Shaw
86 – Dennis Orcullo
85 – Lo Li Wen
76 – Dennis Orcullo
74 – Thorsten Hohmann

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