Scottish Lion Invades Queens
Tri-State Tour / Queens, NY
by Rick Davis
The May 5-6 Tri-State Tour stop pulled into Masters Billiards in Queens, NY, where 28 players clashed in the B/D handicapped 9-ball event. Coming back from a mid-event loss was Stewart “The Scottish Lion” Warnock, who bested the field to take down first place.
Late action on the winners’ side saw Warnock fall to Radame Espinal 7-5, putting Espinal in the hot seat match where he faced Mike Wong. Both players have been stiff competition in recent tour stops, making their match-up a highlight. Espinal decided to move things along though and thrashed Wong 7-3 to reach the finals.
On the one-loss side Nelson Marte eliminated tour favorite Pablo Sanz 7-4 to reach the quarterfinals; however, Warnock was about the steal the show. After his late loss Warnock eliminated Trevor Heal, then in the quarterfinals ousted Marte double-hill. With only two matches remaining Warnock pushed past Wong 7-5 in the semifinals and came out on top of the final stand, claiming victory over Espinal 9-7.
1st Stewart Warnock
2nd Radame Espinal
3rd Mike Wong
4th Nelson Marte
5th Trevor Heal
Pablo Sanz