Clatterbuck Undefeated on Tiger Tour

Tiger Tour / Sterling, VA
by Rick Davis
Taking place at First Break Café in Sterling, VA, the Tiger Pool Tour brought a 58-player field to fight during the May 5-6 action. Coming through unscathed was tour regular Matt Clatterbuck, who went undefeated to claim the top spot and move into the top ten on the tour’s rankings.
Clatterbuck could not have had a more difficult road to the finals. Starting with a win over Shaun “Get Some” Wilkie, a tour heavyweight and general terror in the Northeast, he then moved on to defeat top touring pro Mike Davis. Another pair of wins brought Caltterbuck to face yet another tour regular, Brandon Shuff, who he defeated as well to face Pookie Rasmeloungon in the hot seat match, where once again he prevailed.
On the one-loss side tournament director Andy Lincoln was making a comeback along with Wilkie. Lincoln, who had taken a first-round loss, took down seven opponents including powerhouses Davis, Chris Futrell, and Jerry Slivka. But Lincoln missed a step in his next round and was eliminated by Jeff Abernathy, who went on to reach the quarterfinals. On the other side of the one-loss side chart, Wilkie also took down seven matches but also kept to par as he was defeated by the incoming Shuff, who met Abernathy in the quarterfinals.
From there a few quick matches zapped the event to a close. In the quarterfinals Shuff knocked out Abernathy and then stayed hot as he ousted Rasmeloungon, too. With only one match remaining Shuff was gunning for revenge, but Clatterbuck had played too strong for too long and shut down Shuff to claim the title.
1st Matt Clatterbuck
2nd Brandon Shuff
3rd Pookie Rasmeloungon
4th Jeff Abernathy
5th Tommy Kay
Shaun Wilkie
7th Andy Lincoln
Walter Koch