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Great Weekend of Pool

Next Friday-Sunday (11/20-11/22)

Friday: 10-Ball Challenge Match Race to 30 for $1000
Johnny “The Scorpion” Archer vs Rodney “The Rocket” Morris
Starting at 1PM until someone reaches 15, and will resume at8PM to finish.

There will also be spectator challenge matches with either Johnny, or Rodney.

Saturday-Sunday: Super-32 Open 10-Ball Championship

Estimated payouts (with full field)
1st $5000
2nd $2500
3rd $1500
4th $1000
5-6th $750
7-8th $550

Current player list can be found on the event page.

Live from Capone’s in Spring Hill, Florida.

See the players, and, matches you want on any one of our 5 live streamed tables!

Dynamic views, and commentary on our featured table.
True HD Quality stream with live scoring for all streamed tables.

Follow us during the event on Facebook, and check into the event pagesĀ (Friday’s | Saturday-Sunday) by selecting “interested” or “Going” for instant updates!

Also feel free to share your own pictures/videos, or thoughts of the event right to the event walls!

Stream will begin ~12pm on Saturday.

Free to Watch Live, and Chat at XPCLive.com