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unnamed108   Deuel has been strong in the event and eliminated last year’s semi-finalist Eberle in 3 innings in a 200 point game


New York City, NY –  Only the best of the best are left. Day 4 & 5 saw many champions laid to the wayside as the cream is quickly rising to the top at the Andy Cloth 75th World Tournament of 14.1 . Van Boening crushed Danny Harriman while Appleton proved to Immonen his 14.1 prowess. A who’s who of world class players are in attendance to etch their name into history’s elite of the father of all pool games. Darren Appleton, Thorsten Hohmann, Stephan Cohen, Shane Van Boening, Johnny Archer, Earl Strickland, Mika Immonen, Tony Robles and many, many more. The main event will take place once more in New York City. Dragon Promotions is pleased to keep the oldest billiard event in the world alive with the 75th production on July 13th-19th, 2015. As usual, a star studded field is expected this year at Steinway Billiards Cafe, who is once more hosting this world class event. The World Tournament Official Equipment include Viking Cue with all matches played on Andy Cloth. Event partners include Mr.Tom Gleich, Dr. Gregory Diehl, Mr. Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, & Mr. Jim Gottier of Greenleaf’s Pool Room. Patron sponsors include Mr. Harold Siegel of Excelsior Graphics, Dr. James Heller, Mr. Charles Eames of Charles Eames Photography, Frank Scharbach of Frank’s Billard Cafe,Focused Apparel and the National Amateur Pool League.
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Dennis Orcullo looked like the Asian to beat after his 152&out high run record against Roberto Gomez in the final 32. And though Hohmann had struggled in the event with already one loss and a couple close calls, he looked more like himself in this match as he manhandled Orcullo 200-105. Harriman had done well in the event especially with a strong win over Cohen of France, but he was helpless against Van Boening after SVB took over with another 100+ ball run.
Shaun Wilkie was trying to shake off his series of 9th place finishes but a poor match from him and Wirsbitzki ended with Reiner on top 200-133 and Shaun having to wait another year. Strickland demolished Archer in the legends battle 200-43 after Earl ran a 126. Deuel gave Eberle no chances in a 200-31 rout which saw Deuel run 100 balls and 90 to win the match in 3 innings.
Kiamco played his weakest match thus far giving Lombardo chances that he couldn’t take over. Kiamco wins 200-104 but a first time top 16 finish for Lombardo is encouraging. Filler of Germany destroyed Shaw of Scotland 200-80 in the battle of the young guns. Shaw had defeated Filler early in the event round robin. 
In the final marquee match, two world champions faced each other for the upteenth time. Mika took a lead early in the match with a 80 ball run, but it was not enough as Appleton came back with a 96 ball &out win. 
Kiamco makes his second quarters appearance while Hohmann makes his 5th.
Appleton will make his 4th consecutive quarter-finals appearance looking to be the first player to defend the World 14.1 crown since Steve Mizerak in the 1980’s.
unnamed109 Orcullo has the event high run of 152, but wasn’t able to hold off straight pool master Hohmann
Each of the three players will have to play 6 matches each in the first stage of the championship. If they qualify in their respective groups, they advance to a double elimination knockout stage. If they advance again, they qualify for the final stage of 16 players in a single knockout stage, but with longer match races. The finals will be a race to 300 balls made first, which could take as long as 6 hours.
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