Efren Closes Day 1 of the International Challenge of Champions
By InsidePOOL Staff
In the match of the evening between Efren The Magician Reyes and Nick Van Den Berg, Reyes triumphed 7-4 after his opponent hung the case 9 ball in the jaws of the pocket.
This match was o­ne of the best of the evening, and it was difficult to predict a winner at any point. The young and obviously talented Van den Berg did not appear to be intimidated by Reyes, who was recently inducted into the BCA Hall of Fame last month.
Reyes pulled into a 3-1 lead early o­n, but Van den Berg fought back and got within a game of his opponent at 5-4 Reyes. With a couple of balls slopped in, Reyes reached the hill in the next rack with him breaking the next game.