Hsia Hui Kai Makes his First Semifinal Appearance in the San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour
First Hong Kong Leg Champion Set to Emerge Tomorrow
The San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour, the first-ever world-class 9-ball tournament held in Hong Kong, started today, April 17, 2004, with first two rounds of matches and the first two quarterfinals. “Stone Face Killer” Chao Fong Pang and “Assassin” Hsia Hui Kai, both from Chinese Taipei, book the first two seats in the semifinals tomorrow. The other two quarterfinals will be held tomorrow at the Hong Kong Football Club, starting at 12:00, followed by the race-to-11 semis and the final.
First Round
No big upsets occurred in the first round except the exit of Alok Kumar. The Indian player failed to make his third consecutive semifinal appearance in the tour as he wasted a 5-1 lead and lost 5-9 to Chinese Taipei’s Hsia Hui Kai.
Philippine players prevailed in the two Chinese Taipei-Filipino clashes in Round 1. Francisco “Django” Bustamante beat Wsang Hua Fong 9-5, while Antonio Gabica edged Fan Chi Sheng 9-6.