danny harriman.maryland1 Update: Danny Harriman

Photo taken by Charles Eames

The Pool World was stunned earlier this month, when news of one of our favorite 14.1 specialists and World Class Professional Pool Player Danny Harriman went into a Cleveland Clinic with an advanced flu. This flu sent him to the critical condition ward of the Clinic for several weeks. His family rushed to his side and surrounded him with love and prayers along with the hospital staff and doctorsarrow 10x10 Update: Danny Harriman whom cared for Danny during the weeks that followed during this serious threat to his life.

Inside Pool Magazine and Tv is now excited to report that after weeks of Danny battling this life threatening flu, his internal strength has held and his condition has improved tremendously. Danny is now in therapyarrow 10x10 Update: Danny Harriman and is expected to make a full recovery.

Inside Pool has Danny’s 351 Ball Straight Pool Video on our youtube channel set to PPV for $2.99. All proceeds from viewers watching the ppv will be given directly to Danny in support of his recovery. The video can be seen here at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k4YrdmpoUM
If there is anyone else who would like to make a donation to Danny personally you can do so by going to www.paypal.com once you are on their home page click on the send button at the top of the page and enter this email address: 3cushioncues@hotmail.com and the dollar amount you’d like to donate and click submit. If you would just like to send warm get well wishes and positive encouragement feel free toarrow 10x10 Update: Danny Harriman email him directly at: 3cushioncues@hotmail.com
Inside Pool Staff – Inside Pool salutes Danny and his incredible family and we would like to extend our sincerest get well wishes to you Danny for a rapid recovery! Inside Pool Staff and many around the world look forward to you resuming your professional pool career as soon as possible.

DannyHarrimanBio Update: Danny Harriman

photo courtesy of Charles Eames