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Saratoga, Wyoming-  In perhaps the first time in the history of billiards that we know of, one of our own is running for political office…and is the top contender to win.Ed J. Glode is currently the promoter of the fan favorite Wyoming Open and President of Andy Cloth USA. Glode is running for the office of mayor in his hometown of Saratoga and already won the primaries 2 months ago by a landslide.

The town of Saratoga’s primary economy thrives on tourism. Ironically, Saratoga is not easy to reach, with the closest airport being Denver, Colorado in a hefty 4 hour drive. Despite this, Glode has become the town’s most successful ambassador and has been wildly successful in attracting the biggest names in pool to his yearly event including US Open Champions Shane Van Boening, Rodney Morris, and Corey Deuel. Billiard Education Foundation Director Samm Diep and renown billiard celebs Raj Hundal, Stevie Moore and many others have become frequent visitors. Most of his success has come from his first class treatment and top rate hospitality for his guests. Even famously on the go Dragon Promotions founder Charlie Williams has turned from stranger, welcomed friend, and now marketing campaign manager for Glode.

“I only wish EJ Glode could be the mayor of my home town. Saratoga is very lucky to have such a stand up gentleman taking care of the town’s people and community”, said Raj Hundal of India who is currently living in London, UK.

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” It’s truly refreshing to see a standup citizen running for office. Eddie is the kind of person that will get knee deep in with you in the trenches. At the same time he has an extremely high level of integrity and is so goodhearted that he can ask for help and literally dozens of people will line up. That’s a mark of a good leader”, said Charlie Williams.

Running a town is not an easy task for a one trick pony. So Glode’s other areas of expertise in mainstream business will also be helpful as the Vice-President ofShively Hardware, one of Wyoming’s top tractor and Polaris dealerships.

Please encourage anyone in the Carbon County/Platte Valley region of Wyoming to come cast their vote for Glode.

Tomorrow vote for Ed J. Glode for Mayor.

Where: Platte Valley Community Center
When: 7:00am – 7:00pm November 4th, 2014
Why: For the future of you and your family

Tomorrow November 4th billiards history could be made.

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