Attention: All Interested Parties
Subject: Nominations to WPA Artistic Pool Division for NEW VOTING board members!
The WPA Artistic Pool Division is currently requesting and accepting nominations for a “maximum of 4″ NEW  board members with “full voting rights”, which will increase the current board member total from 7 to 11.  If less than 4 “new” board members are added to the WPA APD, then the current board will be increased accordingly. 
Note: The term for these “new board members” will be in effect fromJanuary 1, 2015 thru June 30, 2016, and then per a designated term period thereafter, in accordance with nomination process guidelines of the WPA APD. 
Those interested in becoming a nominee for one of these “new” board member positions should review / read the attached 12/23/12 copy of the WPA / WPA APD official guidelines for Artistic Pool, as well as the attached Code of Conduct document for all board members.
Note: The WPA APD official guidelines for Artistic Pool govern the international framework for our sport in 130+ countries within the 6 continental federations to assure a unified and proper protocol for events and players, and to maintain sport stability.
Nomination Criteria: All submitting persons that want to be included in the nomination process should provide the following information and send to:  
·      Full name
·      Birth date
·      Profession
·      Special and/or relevant qualifications
·      Status (player, promoter, etc.) within your continental entity
·      Contact information – working email(s) and phone number(s)
·      Confirm that you have read the latest copy of the WPA / WPA APD guidelines and Code of Conduct
Note: Please feel free to share any additional comments you may have on the overall sport movement for Artistic Pool in your own continental region and around the world.  
All “nomination criteria” must be received no later than midnight of December 10, 2014.  An email confirmation for receipt of information will be sent to each submitting party. 
A decision by the WPA Artistic Pool Division will be made no later than December 20, 2014 on the individuals being accepted for the “new” division board positions with follow up notification to the accepted parties and a confirming public release statement.
Anyone and everyone is encouraged to consider this opportunity to become part of our “expanding” board, which is the WPA recognized foundational entity / monitor for the sport of Artistic Pool worldwide under the WPA sport umbrella structure.
Special Note: The WPA APD is looking for an increase of “new board members” to help in our long-term visions / ideas, including, but not limited to “Artistic Pool Freestyle” event development with official WPA “world rankings” attached to them, plus special entertainment concepts relevant to the “sport and show” of Artistic Pool.   This industry wide nomination process to become a voting member of the WPA APD board is part of the continuing effort by us to be remain “transparent” and “open” in our sport domain. 
Keep in mind that the WPA Artistic Pool Division IS NOT a “player specific entity” such as what the APTSA has been in the past for North America, but rather an internationally approved “division” structure under the WPA with a primary task of promoting Artistic Pool via recognized events and other focus items “around the world”.
Note: Such events may be developed by the WPA APD itself or may be brought to the attention of the WPA APD by “outside sources” such as players, promoters, rooms, federations, etc. that desire to develop the event ON THEIR OWN with WPA APD “stamp of approval” and / or WPA sanctioning attachment.  In addition, select “designated” events provide assignment of official WPA World Artistic Pool Ranking Points to each competitor.  Review and release approval per specific event guidelines is done to assure federation compliance / cooperation / unity and to assure player fairness in the “open entry” and /or any special “invitation” process that may take place, as well as format acceptance to assure competitive fairness to all players that elect to participate.
Once again, everyone “around the world” (player or otherwise) is welcome to become part of “the bigger picture” via this nomination process to help grow our magnetic Artistic Pool sport with “new ideas and much more”!                  
Looking forward to hearing from you soon…