usopen9ball 300x116 Day 2 US OPEN 9 BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS

By Contributing Reporter Christopher Clark

Day 2 is in the books at the US Open ,in regards to upsets its said in the NFL ” On Any Given Sunday ” , well the U . S Open should have a slogan ” in any given match ” today certainly opened more then a few eyes with Ralf Souquet and Max Eberle being sent to the B Side , and in stunning fashion Mosconi Cup hopeful Brandon Shuff has exited the U S Open per a defeat by Former U S Open Champion Rodney Morris , among those in dead punch stroke to move in to the final 32 on the winners side are the likes of John Morra , Thorsten Hohmann , Mika Immonen Nick Van Den Berg and Johnathan Hennessee

Tomorrow will bring a smorgasbord of tantalizing matchups starting with a Live Stream Match up of two legendary Pinoys Efren Bata Reyes vs Jose Parica ,

Mosconi Cup hopefull Justin Bergman coming off a 11 – 0 win vs one of the hottest U S Players Mike Dechaine

In a match up of Canadians Erik Hjorliefson ( 2014 Canadian Ten Ball Champion ) will play long time close friend Jason Klatt ( 2014 Canadian 9 Ball Champion )

Two time defending Champion ( 3 times in all ) Shane VanBoening coming off a bye will open his title defence against Robb Saez , Mika received the other bye

To close out the late evening session a match fit for a final will pitt Two European Mosconi Cup candidates ( 10.30 PM ) Nick Van Den Berg vs Mika Immonmen .

Best of luck to all the players

Above Article Written by Christopher Clark

Results for today’s evening session below.

6:30pm – One-Loss Side, Round 2

Josh Dull def. Ting Ly (Forfeit)
Mike Massey def. John Moody (11-8)
Majid Al-Zaabi def. BR Tatum (Forfeit)
So Shaw def. Edmundo Ambros (11-0)
Rodney Morris def. Brandon Shuff (11-5)
Liu Hai-Tao def. Ruslan Chinakov (11-9)
Matt Krah def. Brett Stottlemyer (11-9)

8:30pm – Winner’s Side, Round 2

Chris Futrell def. Max Eberle (11-10)
Brad Shearer def. Jeremy Sossei (11-10)
Rodrigo “Edgie” Geronimo def. Marc Vidal (11-10)
Ernesto Dominguez def. Ralf Souquet (11-7)
Francisco Bustamante def. Robert Cord (11-6)
John Morra def. Joe Dupuis (11-6)
Li He-Wen def. Mike Davis (11-3)

10:30pm – Winner’s Side, Round 2

Thorsten Hohmann def. Tommy Kennedy (11-8)
Nik Ekonomopoulos def. Denis Grabe (11-3)
Mario He def. Reinaldo Dendariarena (11-4)
Corey Deuel def. Chris Bruner (11-2)
Jayson Shaw def. Michael Yednak (11-5)
Warren Kiamco def. Waleed Majid (11-8)
Johnathan Pinegar def. Larry Phlegar (11-2)
Nick Van Den Berg def. Matt Haines (11-5)
Mika Immonen def. Chris Bartram (11-4)