Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips is very proud and
honored to announce a new and world’s first Signature
Series of billiard tips, featuring 3 of our most senior,blackheart 212x300 Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips
decorated and dedicated Black Heart player
ambassadors. Guilherme Sousa (Portugal, WCOP), Barbara Bolfelli  (x2 European Champion) and Javier Gomez (World Champion) will all have their own signature billiard tip, manufactured with same high end Boar leather core including our I-HDS Technology.
Set for an early 2015 release, the tips will be made available in time
for the Super Billiards Expo, PA and the prestigious Porto Open held
at the Aeroporto do Porto. Upon which we will welcome billiard players
to test the products for themselves and also handing out free samples.

“Each billiard tip will be unique to the playing attributes of each
player. They are all proven winners on the international stage and we
all felt that this was an important step forward for the future
relationship between manufacture and the player.

For sure, it would have been all too easy for us to recruit a stalwart
household billiard name for this project. Instead, we have shown
strong loyalty and responsibility to not only our ‘signature’
ambassador players but the whole stable of players who currently use
and endorse our products. Genuine accountability to one’s duty is what
we seek here at Black Heart.” Explained Charles, general Customer
> Service Manager.

Revolutionary by design, this is the state of the art Billiard Cue
Tip. The Indoor Humidity Defensive System (I-HDS Technology) protects
the Cue Tip against the environment, eradicating the effect of the
surrounding playing conditions making the BLACKHEART(tm) Tip a brilliant
advancement towards perfection.

Now Pool Billiard fans in Italy, Portugal and Mexico and honour their
‘Pool Idols’ by using their signature products.

To find out more on our signature series you can email Charles at:

Signature series is a world first and will launch early 2015, again
proving that Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips supports its players
like no other billiard tip manufacture in the world market today.


1st October 2014

Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips –

Customer Service Manager
Premium Billiard Tips
Head Office – Europe