Sang Lee Honored by BCA

By Inside POOL Staff
“I want to make billiards beautiful in America” was the slogan of three-cushion champion Sang Chun Lee, who was posthumously honored by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Tuesday at their annual Hall of Fame banquet. Lee was the fifty-first inductee and was represented by his wife Kyung and his daughter Olivia, as well as friends Ira Lee and Mazin Shooni.
Other Hall of Fame members present at the banquet, which was held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, were Ewa Laurance, Mike Massey, Loree Jon Jones, Robert Byrne, Eddie Kelly, and two players sharing a birthday today: Nick Varner and Lou Butera. Mitch Laurance guided the ceremony elegantly, and many people in the audience were in tears at the end of a moving video production showcasing not only Lee but his many friends within the world of three-cushion.
After the banquet, the much-anticipated Challenge the Stars event began downstairs. This annual event benefits the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) and offers the chance to anyone—for a modest fee—to play the top pros here participating in the 9-Ball Championships. Taking part in this event, which commanded 12 Diamond bar boxes, were Jeanette Lee, Thorsten Hohmann, Jasmine Ouschan, Johnny Archer, Ralf Souquet, Jennifer Barretta, Ewa Laurance, Raj Hundal, Francisco Bustamante, and more.

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