BCA Singles Conclude

by Rick Davis
The 31st annual BCA singles divisions concluded play Tuesday, May 15, after five days of play across 11 divisions.
The crowning jewel of the action was the mens grandmasters division where Jason “Dark Horse” Kirkwood went undefeated to earn top honors. In the mens masters division Donald Todd took the gold undefeated while Gregory Kuhl came back from a late loss to claim the open division. Finishing up the mens divisions were the senior and super senior events that were taken down by Carl Coffee and Rodney Thompson, respectively, both players going undefeated.
Action in the womens divisions kept on par as Kristi Carter swept the grandmasters division undefeated. At the same time Stacie Bourbeau took the masters field while Marissa Hallett cleared the open division, both players winning undefeated. Finally, Tommie Keyser pulled out the win in the senior division, finishing well after midnight for another undefeated sweep.
Two divisions of second chance play also concluded as Mark Church took down the mens event while Melinda Hagues earned the womens title in the single-elimination format.

Mens Grand Master:
1st Jason Kirkwood
2nd Edwin Montal
3rd Ike Runnels
Mens Master:
1st Donald Todd
2nd Francisco Jose Diaz Pizarro
3rd Jeremy Smith
Mens Open:
1st Gregory Kuhl
2nd Duane Demas
3rd Todd Speakman
Mens Senior:
1st Carl Coffee
2nd Robert Schumacher
3rd Robert Swindler
Mens Super Senior:
1st Rodney Thompson
2nd Ellahue O’Rear
3rd Robert Gawthrop
Womens Grand Master:
1st Kristi Carter
2nd Romana Dokovic
3rd Rebecca Wagner
Womens Master:
1st Stacie Bourbeau
2nd Jackie Flitcher
3rd Katrina Lyman
Womens Open:
1st Marissa Hallett
2nd Betty Sessions
3rd Mary Hopkin
Womens Senior:
1st Tommie Keyser
2nd Nancy Kuhn
3rd Sherry Griffin
Mens Second Chance:
1st Mark Church
2nd Tommy Huynh
Womens Second Chance:
1st Melinda Hagues
2nd Marcia Hanifee