On Sunday, June 8, Rockaway Billiards in Rockaway, NJ hosted the first event of the month on The Tri-State Tour, where nineteen dedicated shooters to competed for the title. Eddie Medina shined above all, earning an undefeated victory to his credit. Medina’s victory trail included wins over Steve Kaminow (7-6), Christian Smith (7-4), Jerry Ritzer (7-2), and William Meima (7-2) to successfully get to the hot seat match.

As a fitting present to himself on his birthday, tour veteran Mike Strassberg accomplished his best tournament run in two years, by taking out Pat Mareno (6-3), Grant Weldon (7-6), and Scott Abramowitz (6-5), before falling to Medina in the hot seat match (7-3).

After dropping his second-round match to Scott Abramowitz (6-3), local player Mike Guevara moved on for a strong run, defeating Martin Carducci (6-3), Grant Weldon (7-6), Scott Abramowitz (6-2), and Jerry Ritzer on double-hill (7-6), before Strassberg ended his run to a respectable third place finish (6-2).

Then going up against Eddie Medina in the final round for the second time, Strassberg would set a long-fought match. In the extended single-race format, Strassberg would get to seven games first, which would extend the race to nine. Medina would then fight to take the lead at 8-7, when he rattled the nine ball to win the match. Strassberg made it 8-8, but would ultimately fall to Medina at 9-8. Congratulations to both players on their tough performances.

Rockaway Billiards Eddie Medina Undefeated At Rockaway Billiards
Mike Strassberg (2nd), Eddie Medina (1st), Mike Guevara (3rd)

Top Finishers & Payouts:
1st: Eddie Medina –$600
2nd: Mike Strassberg – $340
3rd: Mike Guevara – $225
4th: Jerry Ritzer – $130
5th/6th: William Meima, Scott Abramowitz – $80

The Tri-State Tour would like to give special thanks to Sterling Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Qpod, Kamui Tips, Heptig Cues, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics, and host room Rockaway Billiards for their sponsorship leading to this event.

The next Tri-State event will be on Saturday, June 14 at hosted by Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ. For more tour information, visit TheTristateTour.com.