TriState’s Castle Billiard’s AB-CD tournament results. 5-10-14

castle51014 TriState’s Castle Billiards AB CD tournament results. 5 10 14

43 Players came out for Castle Billiard’s AB-CD tournament on what would start as a beautiful spring day and end in torrential downpour. The tournament would fall to Bogie Uzdejczyk as he would continue his outstand recent play moving thru the field undefeated. He would start by defeating Paul Raval 7-3, Doug Youmans 7-3, Borana “Queen B” Andoni 7-4. He would then meet up with Vincent Ferri who he would send to the loser side 7-4 . He would await the winner of the CD side who would turn out to be Andrew Cleary whose day would start wiht wins over Bernie Vogelsang 6-1, Eddie Perez 6-2, Pat Mareno 6-5, Jessica Lynn Greibeslad 7-3 and Jan Mierzwa 6-4ight Bogie to his closest match of the day so far losing 8-6 where he would move to the losing side bracket to wait for Mike Zimny. Zimny who started his day defeating Michael Toohig 7-4, Chuck Giallorenzo 7-1, but would fall to Vincent Ferri in a third round match 7-3. Zimny would move to the losing side bracket and then go on a 5 game winning streak defeating Doug Youmans 7-2, Borana “Queen B” Andoni 7-4, he would then get his revenge sending Vincent home with a respectful 5-6th finsh defeating him 7-4. Mike would then meet Jan Mierzwa who he would send home in 4th place witha 7-3 victory. Zimny would then meet up with Andrew Cleary who simply could not get started and would only win one game before ending his day with a respectful third place finish. Mike Zimny would then opt to face Bogie in what would be the longest match Bogie would face all day. Zimny would start by winning the first game but Bogie would answer back by taking games 2 and 3. He would then break and run the 4th game to make the score 3 all. A saftey battle in game 4 would fall to Zimny who would capitilize on a mistake by Bogie to win and take the lead., Zimny would then take the next three games reaching 7 to push the race to 9 but would not be able to close out the day as Bogie would break and run the next rack and take control of the match and that would be the last Zimny would score as Bogie would win the next 4 in a row to close out his undefeated day with a 9-7 victory. Mike Zimny however would finish with a spectacular 2nd place and graduate to the B+ class , well deserved based on his recent play. Please provide a thank you to Castle BIlliards, Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Qpod, Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for their sponsorship leading to this event.