CSI Confirms Morra, Shaw, Orcollo, and Ko

CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (May 2, 2014) – John Morra (CAN), Jayson Shaw (GBR), Dennis Orcollo (PHI), and Ping-Chung Ko (TPE) have officially confirmed as the final four (4) of only sixteen (16) players that will compete in the inaugural CSI Invitationals which will take place July 18-25, 2014 during the BCAPL & USAPL National Championships at the beautiful Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Below are just a few highlights of their most recent accomplishments.

csi CSI Confirms Morra, Shaw, Orcollo, and Ko

John Morra (CAN)
• 2014 Derby City Classic 9-Ball Champion
• 2013 Canadian Championships Men’s Open 9-Ball & 10-Ball Champion
• 2012 Derby City Classic 9-Ball Banks Champion
• 2011 US Bar Table Championships 8-Ball Champion
• 2011 US Bar Table Championships All-Around (2nd place)

csi2 CSI Confirms Morra, Shaw, Orcollo, and Ko

Jayson Shaw (GBR)
• 2014 US Bar Table Championships 10-Ball (3rd place)
• 2014 US Bar Table Championships 9-Ball (4th place)
• 2013 Empire State 10-Ball Championship Champion
• 2013 Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball (2nd place)
• 2013 US Open 9-Ball Championship (3rd place)
• 2013 US Open 8-Ball Championship (4th place)

csi3 CSI Confirms Morra, Shaw, Orcollo, and Ko

Dennis Orcollo (PHI)
• 2014 Derby City Classic Master of the Table
• 2014 & 2013 US Open One-Pocket Champion
• 2014 & 2013 Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Champion
• 2013 World Cup of Pool Champion
• 2013 US Bar Table Championships 10-Ball & All-Around Champion
• 2012 China Open Champion
• 2012 US Open 10-Ball Champion

csi4 CSI Confirms Morra, Shaw, Orcollo, and Ko

Ping-Chung Ko (TPE)
• 2012 Golden Break 9-Ball Invitational Champion
• 2011 World Cup of Pool (3rd place)
• 2010 All Japan Men’s Championship (2nd place)

Each CSI Invitational event (10-Ball & 8-Ball) will be $16,000 added ($32,000 total) and feature 16 of the world’s best players to compete in a round robin format (four groups of four). Each group will consist of a North American, European, Filipino, and Asian player with the top finisher from each group advancing to a single elimination bracket. In each event, every player will receive prize money with first place winning $8,000. Players announced thus far include:

North America
1. Mike Dechaine
2. Shane Van Boening
3. Corey Deuel
4. John Morra

1. Darren Appleton
2. Ralf Souquet
3. Thorsten Hohmann
4. Jayson Shaw

1. Francisco Bustamante
2. Efren Reyes
3. Warren Kiamco
4. Dennis Orcollo

1. Pin-Yi Ko
2. Yu-Hsuan Cheng
3. Jung-Lin Chang
4. Ping-Chung Ko

CSI sent invitations to players not only for their proven skills and accomplishments, but also for the respect and dignity they display as professional pool players. For at least one hour per day during these events, they will provide free lessons, demonstrations, autographs, etc. for the BCAPL & USAPL amateur players. Additional player announcements will be made as they confirm.

CSI is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. In the past 9 years CSI has directly paid out $9,000,000 to players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the US Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial, the US Open One Pocket Championship, the US Open 8-Ball Championship and the US Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit www.playcsipool.com, www.playbca.com, and www.playusapool.com for more information about CSI and its divisions.