Cornelius Tops at Dunlop

Canadian 30K Tour / Barrie, ONT
by Willy Hermoza and Tony Butera
With many of the top players playing in the U.S. the weekend of June 2-3, a new winner was crowned on the Canadian 30K Tour. George Cornelius went undefeated through the 28-player field at Dunlop Billiards in Barrie, ONT.
On the top bracket of the A side Cornelius rolled through Brian Bedford, Marvin Catindig, Dave McMahon, and defeated Kory Jacobs 7-1 to get a chance to play for the hot seat. Youngster Jeff Robson cruised through the bottom of the A side, getting a bye first, then defeating Jarret
White, Tony Butera, and then taking out Glen Lee 5-3. The battle for the hot seat was a decisive one as Cornelius defeated Robson 8-3, sending him to the one-loss side to grind it out.
On the one-loss side Randy Fawcett defeated Glen Lee 6-3, while Wayne Tate matched up with Kory Jacobs 5 and prevailed to go one more round. He stumbled against Randy Fawcett, though, with the match going double-hill before Fawcett prevailed.
Fawcett advanced then to play against Robson, taking the match with a 6-0 drubbing. But he was unprepared for Cornelius in the finals. Though it was a close match at first, Cornelius kicked it into high gear and made quick work of Fawcett, defeating him 8-4.

1st George Cornelius
2nd Randy Fawcett
3rd Jeff Robson
4th Wayne Tate
5th Glen Lee
Kory Jacobs