Pool Cues, Pool Sticks and Cue Sticks

Ask any great player and they’ll tell you that the most import piece of equipment that a pool player can own would is a pool cue. The modern two-piece pool cue has been around for over a century. The pool cue actually started as a mace , which was an instrument that had a club-like end and the player would simply scoot, shove or hit the cueball with as they desired. The o­ne-piece cue as we know it today when a leather tip was added at o­ne end so to decrease miscues. chalk soon followed aftwerwards and the evolution of english and spin took over the imagination of the players.
Players soon decided to travel with their own cues, since they noticed that they played better with a familiar instrument, and the two-piece cue became an overnight necessity. About that time, cuemakers invented methods to secure the two pieces of the cue. This spawned the invention of several modern-day joints that pool cues use today. Several advancements have been made to enhance the pool cue and it’s playing characteristics, but for the most part all cues have the same elements of construction; butt, shaft, joint, tip and ferrule.