Halladay Sweeps Queens Billiard Stop

Tri-State Tour / Astoria Queens, NY
by Rick Davis
Robert Halladay was crowned king of the Tri-State Tour stop that took place June 10 at Break Bar and Billiards in Astoria Queens, NY. The C/D handicapped double-elimination 9-ball event offered up a 24-player field at one of the last remaining chances to qualify for the upcoming invitational event.
Sweeping through the winners’ bracket, Halladay met Adam Kosmin in the hot seat match and managed to slip past double-hill to secure his seat in the finals. Then, on the one-loss side, Phil Her was on comeback as he ousted Kevin Flynn 6-4 to reach the quarterfinals. Next, Her ripped through the remainder of the one-loss side, eliminating Ed Miller 6-4 in the quarterfinals then Kosmin 7-5 in the semifinals. The finals shaped up to be a great match between Halladay, who had been strong all day, and Her, who was making an impressive comeback. Getting every inch out of the match the players battled until the score was double-hill, when Halladay was able to make the final leap and claim the match 9-8 for the event title.
1st Robert Halladay
2nd Phil Her
3rd Adam Kosmin
4th Ed Miller
5th Jason Egeln
Kevin Flynn