A Hand for Haney

Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour / Prescott, AZ
by InsidePOOL Staff
Out of a field of 25 ladies, Susan Mello earned the top spot on the Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour’s June 9-10 at On the Snap in Prescott, AZ. Not only did she take home first place, she scored a WPBA qualifier, presented by J. Pechauer Custom Cues, to the Florida Classic held later in June.
The top eight ladies came back to play on Sunday, and Mello and Holly Sholes both won their first matches of the day and met up for the hot seat match. As expected, it was close: Sholes made it to the hill first with the score 6-5 then quickly won the next game.

Mello went on to play Kristin Haney for third place. After the tenth rack, the match was tied at 5. Haney put together some great runs, won the last two games, and won 7-5.
After a really long day with many long matches, Sholes finally had an opponent. Since this was a true double-elimination format, Haney had to beat Sholes in two races to 7. The match started off rough for both girls, but Haney easily won 7-2.
Haney won the lag and snapped the 9 on the very first break of the second set, and Sholes ended up with an easy 1-9 combo in the next to make it 1-all. The match progressed in that vein until it seesawed to double-hill. Though Sholes played a strong safety on the 7 ball, Haney kicked at and contacted the 7 but didn’t drop it. But Sholes made a fatal error in missing the last 9 ball, handing the match to Haney.
1st Kristin Haney
2nd Holly Sholes
3rd Susan Mello
4th Jeri Engh
5th LeAndrea Gaff
Susan Williams
7th Hydred Makabali
Michelle Trevino