Courteaux Cashes in at Barrie 30K Tour Stop

Canadian 30K Tour / Barrie, ONT
by Willy Hermoza and Tony Butera
Billiard News – Despite a number of players attending the CCS Nationals in Vegas, the weekend of June 16-17 saw 26 players arrive for the Canadian 30K Tour. Hosted by Dunlop Billiards in Barrie, ONT, this event featured Chris Courteaux making a comeback from the one-loss side to win the title.
On the A side, Courteaux was sent to grind through the one-loss side after a hill-hill loss to Jeff Robson, while Jeff Dick prevailed over Wayne Tate 5-5. Courteaux fought his way back through matches against Mike Patrowicz 6-2 to advance to the quarterfinals against Wayne Tate, whom he soundly defeated 5-1. Wreaking revenge upon Robson, Courteaux met him in the semifinals and sent him away with a 5-2 thrashing to advance to the finals. It was an even match, and after Dick reached a 3-0 lead, Courteaux cranked up his engine to score five straight games, wresting the title from Dick.
1st Chris Courteaux
2nd Jeff Dick
3rd JeffRobson
4th Wayne Tate
5th Peter Jackson
6th Mike Patrowicz