Lopez Tops on Tri-State Tour

Tri-State Tour / Edison, NJ
by Rick Davis
Billiard News – Edison Billiards in Edison, NJ, hosted the June 16-17 offering from the Tri-State Tour, where Jose Lopez showed up the field of 32 competitors to take the event undefeated.
On the winners’ side it was Lopez versus Mike Amaya in the hot seat match, in which Lopez edged out Amaya 7-5 to claim the winners’ bracket. One the one-loss side tour regular Michael Wong knocked out Lenny Knapp 7-3 to reach the quarterfinals, while Tom McCloud was in the middle of a great comeback. McCloud eliminated Teddy Lubis 7-4 then defeated Wong by the same margin in the quarterfinals. McCloud continued his comeback in the semifinals as he ousted Amaya, the event’s only junior player who made one of his best showings this season, double-hill to reach the finals.
The last match of the event unfolded quickly with each player shooting towards victory until Lopez was able to take a single rack lead to win the match just shy of double-hill at 7-5, earning a well-deserved win.
1st Jose Lopez
2nd Tom McCloud
3rd Mike Amaya
4th Michael Wong
5th Teddy Lubis
Lenny Knapp