Grabe and Prisjaźnuka Take OOPL Top Honors
Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League 2012 champions are Denis Grabe and Anna Prisjaźnuka

oopl 2012 Grabe and Prisjaźnuka Take OOPL Top Honors

Anna Prisjaźnuka and Denis Grabe

The newly built gorgeous Pool Masters club in Vilnius, Lithuania, was the host for Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League 2012 Final. The game of the final event was 10-ball. There were no sensations in the men division as Denis Grabe (Team Olympic-Online) was a firm winner. However womens final produced something that many expected already long time ago. Namely Anna Prisjaźnuka winning the event and becoming the first Baltic Champion from Latvia.

Denis Grabe making it back to back

In the beginning of the event there were not many to doubt that Denis Grabe takes the crown the second successive year. However it was a surprise that there were three estonians in the final four.

Although the semi final did not start well for Grabe as he was trailing to his good friend and countryman Kait Hinn 0:4, Grabe did again what he does so well. He focused and came from behind first to grab a lead 7:4 and then winning his semi final 13:6. In the second semi final were represented another estonian Oliver Lepp and the host country’s Henrikas Strolis. It was a game that had a lot of drama and never producing a favorite to win at any point. Although it seemed that Strolis got a firm lead 10:7 the momentum changed and Lepp got even at 10:10 and finally taking his second final spot this year with a 13:11 win.

After the semis it was clear that we have a rematch of third stage final, i.e. Denis Grabe versus Oliver Lepp. The final started with Grabe dominating the match and after one and half our of the match the one sided final was over. 13:7 on the score sheet was a fact and Lepp never really putting Grabe’s domination in jeopardy settled for the second place.

Two times Baltic Champion commented the day:“It is always enjoyable to play in such a great pool hall and today the final was especially good as the new Biljardai Sport table is a really good table and matches the standards of other high class pool tables. I would like to send out my gratitude to the organisers, sponsors and especially Olympic-Online that made the event possible. It is really great event for our regional pool development and I am sure that Olympic-Online and other sponsors will help the organisers to make the event in 2013 as well.“

The first ever Baltic Champion from Latvia – Anna Prisjaźnuka

The day started out with big hopes for the hosts as in the women semi final three out of four were Lithuanian athletes. One semi final featured two lithuanian players Agne Jaruśauskaite and Tatjana Vaitkiené. The semi final was controlled throught the match by Vaitkiene as she got a comfortable 7:1 lead and clinching a strong 10:5 win. The second semi final that featured Anna Prisjaźnuka and Alberta Śimkeviciute was more two sided as the final score was 10:7. The tence final produced a good match that was decided by not only a better ball control but nerves control as well. Regardless of the fact that Vaitkiene had many chances Prisjaźnuka was the one to hold her nerves and grab first ever Baltic Pool Champion title for Latvia by a score 10:5.

„I am extremely happy and have waited for this special day for 2 years! This event is really something, the organisation is perfect and the mood on the events is super and the players really nice people. I want to thank the organisers and sponsors and can’t wait to defend my title the next year,“ said seemingly overjoyed winner.

Organizers promise to rise the bar even more

A clearly happy organiser Jüri Talu said:“It is really hard to describe the feeling. I am very content and want to thank all the players, sponsors and volunteers from the bottom of my heart. Especially big thanks goes out to Tomas Brikman, Gintaras Petrovas, Gatis Taube and all the sponsors! Without such a great team and generous sponsors I wouldn’t even dream to have such a great event. I was happy to just finish a phone call with a representative of Olympic-Online that confirmed that our venture continues the next year as well. As any organisers we are constantly trying to improve our events and there are already today some great news for the next season but I rather not tell them just yet.“

Tomas Brikman added from his side:“Regardless that lithuanian athletes were not successful today at home I am very happy how the final stage turned out. The tournament was held in the new pool hall and on new tables and I think that players cherished our efforts to prepare everything on higher standards. I am hopeful that in the future we are able to rise the quality of our events even more.“

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