Hjorliefson Steals Last 30K Billiards Stop

Canadian 30K Tour / Scarborough, ONT
by Willy Hermoza and Tony Butera
Billiard News – Eric Hjorliefson took the reins at the Canadian 30K Tour’s last stop for the season, ending how he began: by winning. Shooters in Scarborough, ONT, hosted the stop’s 44 players the weekend of June 23-24.
Setting up the hot seat match, Mike Patrowicz squeaked past Chris Orme 7-6, while Wayne Tate also narrowly won his match against Shawn Lee 6-5. Tate went on to take the hot seat match as well, sending Patrowicz to the one-loss side 7-6.
On the one-loss side, Hjorliefson was fighting his way through by besting George Cornelius 10-3, Orme 10-6, Lee 9-1, and then Patrowicz 10-5 to reach the finals. The marauding did not stop there, for “Big Red” made quick work of Tate, too, defeating him twice by the score of 9-2 to take the true double-elimination event.
1st Eric Hjorliefson
2nd Wayne Tate
3rd Mike Patrowicz
4th Shawn Lee
5th Josh Rundle
Chris Orme
7th Jaypee Castillo
George Cornelius