Frideres Outshines All at ACS Nationals
Billiard News – During the week of June 7-16, battles on all sorts of green felt abounded at the Riviera in Las Vegas at the American CueSports Alliance (ACS) Nationals. 9-Ball, 8-Ball, snooker, wheelchair, artistic, speed pool, carrom, amateur, professional – the Nationals showcased it all. And no player had a better run through the various divisions than did Jessica Frideres of Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Jessica hauled in the hardware in no fewer than six divisions of play – Women’s 9-Ball Singles (2nd), Women’s Masters 8-Ball Singles (1st), Master Scotch Doubles (1st), Women’s Open 9-Ball Team (2nd), Women’s Master 8-Ball Team (2nd) and Women’s Speed Pool.
Bar whiz Jesse Bowman (E. Moline, IL) rebounded from lackluster 2006 singles results to claim the Men’s 9-Ball Singles title, but again placed out of the money in the Men’s Masters 8-Ball Singles – won by newcomer Shannon Ducharme of Winnipeg, Canada. Katrina Dennis (Ridgefield, WA) scored the Women’s 9-Ball Singles crown, and claimed a strong 3rd place in the Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles as well. Injuring her leg in transit to Las Vegas, Jean Bartholomew (Portland, OR) continued to add on to her impressive resume in the Senior Women’s 8-Ball Singles by claiming yet another national title.
Blake Byrket (Muscatine, IA) took down the Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles title, while his seventeen year old daughter, Rachel, took 4th in the Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles and 1st on the winning Leisure Time Bratz team in the Women’s Master 8-Ball Teams. The FCB Willis team from Omaha, Nebraska claimed both the Men’s Open 9-Ball and Men’s Open 8-Ball team titles, while Canadian teams continued their dominance in the Men’s Standard 8-Ball Team division – Mad Dogs of Calgary, Alberta, being the latest hoisters of the crown.
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In other events, Brad Rautio (New Westminster, BC) surprised the field in the NWPA-sanctioned “Las Vegas Open” wheelchair event to take the crown, while 13-year old Austin Murphy (who placed 9th in the pro 9-ball event) outlasted all challengers for the ACS National Artistic Pool Championship, sponsored by Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman. In the 2nd Annual “Can-Am Snooker Challenge,” Team USA avenged its 2006 defeat by Team Canada on the beautiful 12-foot green baize to claim the challenge trophy by a 12-8 margin over Team Canada. Canada regained some sense of satisfaction when its 2-man team of Alain Robidoux and Don Chomiski took down the $500 winner-take-all “UPA vs. Canada” snooker challenge over pro 9-ball and former pro snooker players Tony Crosby (UK) and Lee Chenman (Hong Kong). Former World 9-Ball Champion, Alex Pagulayan (Canada), outlasted Shane Van Boening (Rapid City, SD) 7-5 in the ESPN-televised $25,000 added “World Summit of Pool” for the pro 9-ball championship. Kudos to Dragon Promotions on promoting a very successful event.
The 2008 ACS Nationals will again return to the Riviera, June 7-14, and will include a few changes: 1). no Master team divisions; 2). 4-person women’s teams; 3). Scotch doubles play in 8-ball only; and 4). 9-ball team divisions and 8-ball team divisions scheduled on the same dates (different times), so that teams can play to their heart’s content in two separate team divisions! The ACS inspires as much play as possible at the Nationals in many divisions, so that a player has the time of his/her life; that is, if they are not allergic to green baize.

Complete Results: $205,300 Total Prize Fund

Men’s 9-Ball Singles
128 x $65 = $8,320 + $1,500 added = $9,820 total prize fund

1st Jesse Bowman (East Moline, IL) $1,500 + Trophy
2nd Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE) $1,100 + Trophy
3rd Kenny Tran (Frankfort, KY) $800 + Trophy
4th Robert Rodriguez (Firestone, CO) $620
5-6th Justin Whitehead (Tucson, AZ) $500
Saturnino Jesusa (Arabi, LA)
7-8th Kevin Peterson (Tucson, AZ) $400
Anthony Wilson (East Moline, IL)
9-12th Mark Reynolds (Decatur, IL) $300
Andrew Twitchen (Mills River, NC)
Danny Roach (Gorin, MO)
Glen Bird (Calgary, AB)
13-16th Zack Willis (Papillion, NE) $200
Larry Wilson (Victoria, BC)
Tommy Hernandez (Rock Island, IL)
Danny Barnes (Newport, MI)
17-24th Bill Trimble (Jeffersonville, KY) $150
Jerry Watts (Shelbyville, KY)
Anthony Garcia (East Moline, IL)
Jack Davis (Virginia Beach, VA)
Ben Conway Jr. (Brandon, FL)
Bill Mason (Virginia Beach, VA)
Pat Schumacher (Portland, OR)
Fernando Villanueva (West Fargo, ND)
25-32nd Jamey Bowman (East Moline, IL) $100
Bill Duggan (Virginia Beach, VA)
Jim Prchal (Lavista, NE)
Darrell Hilliard (Midland, TX)
Isaac Runnels (Hopkins Park, IL)
Rich Bideaux (Moline, IL)
Mike Henderson (Colfax, IA)
Troy Berget (Castle Rock, CO)
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Women’s 9-Ball Singles
43 x $65 = $2,795 + $1,000 added = $3,795 total prize fund

1st Katrina Dennis (Ridgefield, WA) $1,000 + Trophy
2nd Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA) $745 + Trophy
3rd Samantha Patton (Richmond, KY) $500 + Trophy
4th Barbara Allen (Surprise, AZ) $350
5-6th Jacquilyn Redmon (Suffolk, VA) $250
Christy Goldsmith (Henderson, NV)
7-8th Mary Davis (Virginia Beach, VA) $150
Rachel Byrket (Muscatine, IA)
9-12th Cheryl Pritchard (Chesapeake, VA) $100
Sandra Walsh (Clifton, CO)
Brenda Bartholomew (Oregon City, OR)
Jill Nagel (Papillion, NE)

Men’s Masters 8-Ball Singles
25 x $165 = $4,125 + $3,000 added = $7,125 total prize fund

1st Shannon Ducharme (Winnipeg, MB) $2,000 + Trophy
2nd Robert Clark (Plano, TX) $1,500 + Trophy
3rd Jeff Heath (Westminster, CA) $1,000 + Trophy
4th Jamey Bowman (E. Moline, IL) $700
5-6th Tommy Hernandez (Rock Island, IL) $400
Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE)
7-8th Isaac Runnels (Hopkins Park, IL) $250
Larry Wilson (Victoria, BC)
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Men’s Masters 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division

1st Justin Whitehead (Tucson, AZ) $400
2nd Benny Conway (Brandon, FL) $225

Women’s Masters 8-Ball Singles
11 x $165 = $1,815 + $3,000 added = $4,815 total prize fund

1st Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA) $2,000 + Trophy
2nd Barbara Hamilton (Silvis, IL) $1,200 + Trophy
3rd Cheryl Pritchard (Chesapeake, VA) $600 + Trophy
4th Andrea Wilson (Victoria, BC) $400

Women’s Masters 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division

1st Toni Barnes (Virginia Beach, VA) $400
2nd Tina Larsen (Palatine, IL) $215
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Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles
164 x $115 = $18,860 + $1,500 added = $20,360 total prize fund

1st Aaron Thomas (Barrie, ON) $3,500 + Trophy
2nd Felipe Flores (Golden, CO) $2,660 + Trophy
3rd Mark Reynolds (Decatur, IL) $1,800 + Trophy
4th Jerrod Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA) $1,100
5-6th Steve Tune (Oregon City, OR) $800
Jeffrey Hughes (W. Palm Beach, FL)
7-8th Darrell Hilliard (Midland, TX) $550
Mike Henderson (Colfax, IA)
9-12th Ronnie Bulin (Silsbee, TX) $400
Lance Luther (Moline, IL)
Richard Mager (Earlville, IL)
Zack Willis (Papillion, NE)
13-16th Richard Closs (Toronto, ON) $300
Xavier Sotelo (W. Palm Beach, FL)
Ken Welch (Eugene, OR)
Jason Netherton (Mississauga, ON)
17-24th Robert Hesse (Coal Valley, IL) $200
Robert Sombrerero (Cedar Hill, TX)
Greg Kuhl (Las Vegas, NV)
John Pokora (Springfield, IL)
Juan Parra Jr. (Dallas, TX)
Dale Brimicombe (Halifax, NS)
Kenny Tran (Frankfort, KY)
Joaquin Ada (Springfield, OR)
25-32nd Rich Bideaux (Moline, IL) $150
Redmon Danforth (Oneida, WI)
Mike Wasyliw (Calgary, AB)
Anthony Garcia (E. Moline, IL)
Dave Perry (Virginia Beach, VA)
Bruce Wheeler (Casselton, ND)
Ray Skenandore (Oneida, WI)
Timothy Robertson (Kelso, WA)
33-48th Jesus Hernandez (Ennis, TX) $125
David Melson (Powells Point, NC)
Franklin Baker II (Davenport, IA)
Brandon Zimmerman (Port Moody, BC)
Robert Hawes (Sulphur, LA)
Jim Prchal (Lavistu, NE)
Steve Freeman (Norfolk, VA)
Anthony Wilson (E. Moline, IL)
Jason Osborn (Las Vegas, NV)
Andrew Twitchen (Mills River, NC)
Ken Crane (Vancouver, BC)
Walter Dufour III (Harvey, LA)
Craig Arnold (Olympia, WA)
Calvin Gulley (Lexington, KY)
Mike Tarto (New Orleans, LA)
John Wertenbach Jr. (Virginia Beach, VA)

Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division

1st Samuel Trant (Groves, TX) $400
2nd Daniel Penn (Jennings, LA) $200
3-4th Billy Huff (Beaumont, TX) $100
Anthony Schultz (Pekin, IL)
5-8th Lauren Vaughn (Metairie, LA) $50
Mike Calla (Maple Ridge, BC)
Bill Duggan (Virginia Beach, VA)
Brian Sadowski (Richmond Hill, GA)
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Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles
57 x $115 = $6,555 + $1,000 added = $7,555 total prize fund

1st Stacey Lantz (Treasure Island, FL) $2,000 + Trophy
2nd Josie Leroy (Newburg, OR) $1,200 + Trophy
3rd Kit Dennis (Ridgefield, WA) $805 + Trophy
4th Rachel Byrket (Muscatine, IA) $500
5-6th Maryellen Clements (Virginia Beach, VA) $300
Christy Goldsmith (Henderson, NV)
7-8th Maria Rodriguez (Dallas, TX) $225
Julie Burney (Portland, OR)
9-12th Kathy Rupe (Omaha, NE) $150
Rachel Klein (Lockport, IL)
Teresa Frederick (Aurora, CO)
Pamela Fletcher (Las Vegas, NV)
13-16th Samantha Patton (Richmond, KY) $100
Elisa Moe (Fargo, ND)
Shawn Modelo (Antioch, CA)
Sharon Morrison (Thunder Bay, ON)

Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division

1st Tracie Abbott (Goose Creek, SC) $400
2nd Dianne Rankin (Junction City, KS) $200
3-4th Suzanne Dolan ((Aurora, IL) $100
Patricia Anderson (Davenport, IA)
5-8th Clare Marsh (Bellevue, NE) $50
Jennifer Wilson (East Moline, IL)
Erika Fischer (Virginia Beach, VA)
Julie Ann Mitchell (Portage, IN)

Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles
75 x $115 = $8,625 + $1,000 added = $9,625 total prize fund

1st Blake Byrket (Muscatine, IA) $1,600 + Trophy
2nd Marty Plumb (Silvis, IL) $1,025 + Trophy
3rd Lawrence Garza (Dallas, TX) $800 + Trophy
4th John Hamilton (Beaverton, OR) $600
5-6th James Peecock (Alpharetta, GA) $500
Lyle Nicholson (Calgary, AB)
7-8th George Axiotis (Toronto, ON) $400
Robert Ferguson (Delta, BC)
9-12th George Arnett (Roswell, GA) $300
Dan McGonagle (Calgary, AB)
Rod Seitz (Surrey, BC)
Marc Boese (Savannah, GA)
13-16th Glen Bird (Calgary, AB) $200
Sam Bruso (High River, AB)
Jamie Gitzinger (Lexington, KY)
Albert Garza (DeSoto, TX)
17-24th Terry Anderson (Davenport, IA) $100
Eric Miller (Hanover, PA)
John Terry (Coweta, OK)
Daniel Rosetti (Chesapeake, VA)
Russell Jett (Davenport, IA)
Dave Demers (Calgary, AB)
Steve Nixon (New Westminster, BC)
Neil Olsen (Cumming, GA)

Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division

1st Gary Babcock (Mississauga, ON) $400
2nd John Harris (Surrey, BC) $200
3-4th Anthony Orofiamma (Oakville, ON) $100
James Potter (Atlanta, GA)
5-8th Randy Guse (Calgary, AB) $50
Ken Schmidt (Denver, CO)
Joe Zutell (Dover, PA)
Ryan Watkins (Surrey, BC)
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Women’s Standard 8-Ball Singles
39 x $115 = $4,485 + $1,000 added = $5,485 total prize fund

1st Gina Knight (Chicago, IL) $1,300 + Trophy
2nd Barbara Allen (Surprise, AZ) $900 + Trophy
3rd Kathleen Asbury (Bedford, TX) $585 + Trophy
4th Veronica Ordonez (El Paso, TX) $350
5-6th Amy Sicheneder (Chicago, IL) $250
Shelley Starlight (Calgary, AB
7-8th Angie Garner (Lexington, KY) $175
Betty Ramirez (Nederland, TX)
9-12th Julie Moosewaypayo (Calgary, AB) $125
Shana Craig (Albuquerque, NM)
Roberto Robinson (Tulsa, OK)
Carmen Barrientos (Grand Prairie, TX)

Women’s Standard 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division

1st Tara Allison (Coal Valley, IL) $400
2nd Niki Phillipi (Aloha, OR) $200
3-4th Yvette Maldonado (El Paso, TX)) $100
Sharon McClintock (Hillsboro, OR)
5-8th Charity Terry (Coweta, OK) $50
Linda McCoy (Thonotosassa, FL)
Tina Miles (Suffolk, VA)
Luz Selbe (Virginia Beach, VA)

Men’s Senior 8-Ball Singles
40 x $115 = $4,600 + $1,000 added = $5,600 total prize fund

1st James McAllister (Metairie, LA) $1,200 + Trophy
2nd Jesusa Saturnino (Arabi, LA) $800 + Trophy
3rd Bill Mason (Virginia Beach, VA) $600 + Trophy
4th Mark Czerwinski (Moline, IL) $400
5-6th Donnie Robinson (Lexington, KY) $300
Dave Carr (Preana, IL)
7-8th John Black (Bradford, ON) $200
Phil Burns (Van Nuys, CA)
9-12th Richard Oldham (Decatur, IL) $150
Buddy Wirt (Suffolk, VA)
Jarmo Huovinen (Thunder Bay, ON)
Robert Ball (Valparaiso, IN)

Men’s Senior 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division

1st Jerry Watts (Shelbyville, KY) $400
2nd Tom Fankhauser (Decatur, IL) $200
3-4th Silvio Cruz (Homosassa Springs, FL) $100
Glenn Gardner (Calgary, AB)
5-8th Richard Arensdorf (Lexington, KY) $50
Roy Skenandore (Oneida, WI)
Stewart Hunter (Cambridge, ON)
Ted Harms (Calgary, AB)

Women’s Senior 8-Ball Singles
24 x $115 = $2,760 + $1,000 added = $3,760 total prize fund

1st Jean Bartholomew (Portland, OR) $1,000 + Trophy
2nd Gisele Maurice (Hamilton, ON) $700 + Trophy
3rd Phyllis Bentley (Beason, AZ) $460 + Trophy
4th Connie Lackey (Valparaiso, IN) $300
5-6th Yvonne Burgess (Phoenix, AZ) $150
Suellen Romesburg (Dover, PA)

Women’s Senior 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division

1st Frances Jensen (Calgary, AB) $400
2nd Wanda Thompson (Tulsa, OK) $200
3-4th Lynn Green (Peoria, IL) $100
Jeanne Bell (Thonotosassa, FL)
5-8th Lee White (Peoria, AZ) $50
Marilyn Damman (Warsaw, MO)
Sandra Chamberlain (Broken Arrow, OK)
Sheila McDonald (Lower Sackville, NS)
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Super Senior 8-Ball Singles
20 x $115 = $2,300 + $1,000 added = $3,300 total prize fund

1st Jonathan Hahn (Kelso, WA) $1,000 + Trophy
2nd Madison Adkins (Winchester, KY) $700 + Trophy
3rd Henry Girardi (Las Vegas, NV) $500 + Trophy
4th Vincent Modelo (Antioch, CA) $350
5-6th Lawrence Meissen (Raymore, MO) $250
Jerry Grant (Hampton, VA)
Super Senior 8-Ball Singles – Sportsman Division

1st Ernie Santos (Calgary, AB) $150
2nd Jackson Ely (Homosassa, FL) $100

18 Under Junior 8-Ball Singles

1st Nick Tafoya (Albuquerque, NM) $500 U.S. Savings Bond + Trophy
2nd Denis Grabe (Tallinn, ESTONIA) $300 U.S. Savings Bond + Trophy
3rd Jenkins Blake (Virginia Beach, VA) $200 U.S. Savings Bond + Trophy

14 Under Junior 8-Ball Singles

1st Michael Perron (Mendota Heights, MN) $500 U.S. Savings Bond + Trophy
2nd Michael Tafoya (Albuquerque, NM) $300 U.S. Savings Bond + Trophy
3rd Trevor Howell (Wheat Ridge, CO) $200 U.S. Savings Bond + Trophy

Master Scotch Doubles
13 x $140 = $1,820 + $500 added = $2,320 total prize fund

1st Jessica Frideres (IA)/ Dustin Gunia (NE) $1,000 + Trophies
2nd Becky Mowdy/ Tim Robertson (WA) $600 + Trophies
3rd Barbara Yeager/ William Willoughby (VA) $420 + Trophies
4th Tina Larsen/ Dan Taylor (IL) $300

Open Scotch Doubles
100 x $100 = $10,000 total prize fund

1st Patricia Cook/ Jeffrey Hughes (FL) $2,000 + Trophies
2nd Pamela Fletcher/ Jerry Sceusa (NV) $1,000 + Trophies
3rd Shawn Modelo/ Vince Modelo $900 + Trophies
4th Gregg Johnson/ Kay Reimer (IL) $700
5-6th Jean Bartholomew/ Steve Tune (OR) $500
Jacki Redmon/ Bill Duggan (VA)