Giallorenzo Glides to Tri-State Victory

Tri-State Tour / East Rutherford, NJ


by InsidePOOL Staff


Coasting to the finals, Chuck Giallorenzo easily fended off foes on his way to collecting the title at the Tri-State Tour’s September 8 stop. The $500-added event was hosted by Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ, and attracted a field of 40 A-D players.


tristate 9 121 Giallorenzo Glides to Tri State Victory

pictured from left to right are dave danchak (runner-up), winner chuck giallorenzo and 3rd place eddie perez

Giallorenzo turned away Jack Smith in the winners’ side final four 7-2 to advance to the hot seat match. His opponent, Dave Danchak, had just defeated Eddie Perez 6-3. In another lopsided bout, Giallorenzo tore through Danchak 7-3 and went on to wait for his final opponent.


Jack Smith turned around on the west side and eliminated Christian Smith 7-2 in fifth place, as Perez did the same to Mike Rodriguez 6-5. The quarterfinal was a close match, but Perez squeaked past Jack Smith 8-6.


Perez’s luck ran out in the semifinal match against Danchak, who won 6-5 to advance and face Giallorenzo again. But Giallorenzo was still riding high and dominated Danchak 7-3 to win the event.



1st Chuck Giallorenzo $575

2nd Dan Danchak $375

3rd Eddie Perez $225

4th Jack Smith $150

5th Christian Smith $100

Mike Rodriguez

7th John Trobiano $75

Robert Veit


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