Knight and Lombardo Top Poison Tour
Poison Tour / Orlando, FL

by InsidePOOL Staff

Richard Knight and Hunter Lombardo aced their respective divisions at the July 28 installment of the Poison Tour. Cue-Phoria Billiards and Café hosted the tournament, with 53 players showing up for the $1,000-added amateur 9-ball event and 33 participating in the $1,000-added 10-ball division.

The amateur 9-ball event saw Knight make his way to the hot seat match with wins over Jason Bowen 7-6, D. J. Dorman 7-2, Julio Del Pozo 7-4, and then 7-5 over Cal McGann to set up the winners’ side match with tour newcomer Dakota Cameron. Knight’s run was stopped quickly as Cameron came out strong and powered his way to the hot seat with a dominating 7-1 win.

posion 8 5 Knight and Lombardo Top Poison TourAfter a second-round 7-2 loss to Dorman, Mike Destafano went on to eliminate Ted Lepak 5-2, Jason Bowen 5-2, John Souders 5-3, Bill Eisenhard 5-3, Brett Lykins 5-4, and Tim Baron 5-2 before Jason Sheerman ousted him in fourth place 5-0. Sheerman then had the tables turned on him as Knight cruised to a 5-0 win in the semifinals, putting himself in the finals with a revenge match against Cameron.

To force the one-rack shoot-out for the title, Knight had to come back and win a race to 7, and he did just that, battling his way to a 7-5 win. He then ran a solid last rack to take his first title of the season and second Poison Tour title.

In the open 10-ball division, Lombardo proved to be too strong for everyone. He reached the finals with victories over Kelly Cavanaugh 6-1, Tony Crosby 6-4, Tim Baron 6-4, and Nathan Rose 7-3. A 7-4 triumph over Raymond Linares then put him in the hot seat.

Adam Wheeler navigated his way through the one-loss side, eliminating Cal McGann 5-1, Mike Destefano 5-3, and Rose 5-4. With a 5-2 win over Linares, he set up the finals with Lombardo. Wheeler pushed Lombardo all the way in the race to 8, in which Lombardo eventually prevailed with a hard-fought double-hill win.

Amateur Results:

1st Richard Knight $600
2nd Dakota Cameron $400
3rd Jason Sheerman $300
4th Mike Destefano $200
5th Cal McGann $150
George Saunders
7thBrian McBride $100
Tim Baron
9th Kelly Cavanaugh $80
Brett Lykins
Julio Del Pozo
Chip Dickerson

Open Results:
1st Hunter Lombardo $600
2nd Adam Wheeler $400
3rd Raymond Linares $300
4th Nathan Rose $200
5th Julio Del Pozo $100
Bill Eisenhard
7th Mike Destefano $75
Ted Lepak

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