Hjorleifson Undefeated at Summer 9-Ball Event

Summer 9-Ball Tournament / Pittsburgh, PA
by Rick Davis
Billiard News – Breakers Billiards in Pittsburgh, PA (/mtree/sports/featured-pool-rooms-and-billiard-supplies/breaker%27s-billiards-in-pittsburgh%2c-pa/details.html), was host to the Summer 9-Ball Tournament that took place July 7-8 and offered up plenty of action. Besting the 37-player field, Eric Hjorleifson came through the double-elimination, race-to-7 format undefeated to take down the title.
On the winners’ side Hjorleifson quickly took charge and found his way to the hot seat match, while Stan Weister was hot on his heels to meet him there. Hjorleifson, who is in top form from the Canadian 30K Tour, dealt with Weister and skipped towards the final match.
Over on the one-loss side Shane Hennen shocked the crowd by eliminating Sparky Ferrell to reach the quarterfinals. Also heading towards the top was John Morra, who knocked out Gil Hernandez then ousted Hennen in the quarterfinals followed by Weister in the semifinals. This set up the young gun, Morra, to face the tried and true tour veteran, Hjorleifson, in the finals. With a single race to 10, the event shot by in little more than an hour, and once the dust settled it was Hjorleifson who emerged victorious and claimed the event.
1st Eric Hjorleifson
2nd John Morra
3rd Stan Weister
4th Shane Hennen
5th Sparky Ferrell
Gil Hernandez
7th Sy Brown
Adam Smith