Bryant and Porter Make Marks
Lone Star Billiards Tour / Houston, TX

by InsidePOOL Staff

The Lone Star Billiards Tour held its first event of the season June 16-17 at Houston’s Sports Bar, where the $1,000-added tournament drew 57 entries over the open and amateur divisions. Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant took down the 25-player, star-studded open division, while Ray Porter captured the 32-player amateur division.

lsbt 6 16 12 Open Photo Bryant and Porter Make Marks

Sylver Ochoa, Charlie Bryant

On the winners’ side final four in the open division, Grady Cooper defeated Al Mason 9-5 and Henry Rocha bested Sonny Bosshamer 9-6, but both were defeated in their hot seat bids by Sylver Ochoa and Bryant, respectively. David Gutierrez suffered a first-round loss to Mason and won five consecutive matches until he was upset by Bosshamer 7-2.

It seemed like old times as Ochoa and Bryant hammered it out for the hot seat. They traded racks, executing dead-lock safes and kicking in balls, until Ochoa pulled ahead and closed it out 9-7. “Hillbilly” made quick work of Bosshamer and then exacted dual-set revenge on Ochoa to win his first Lone Star Open division title in two years.

Newcomer Porter stormed the amateur division, escaping three hill-hill matches to reach the hot seat. Surprise player Bill Fain reached his bid for the final four winners’ side with victories over Steve Williams, Carlos Martinez, and Rocha. Fain was defeated by Bosshamer 7-4 and then eliminated by Brent Thomas 5-3. Demetro depleted Thomas in the first round, but after six rounds of wins, Thomas exacted revenge on Demetro in the quarterfinals.

lsbt 6 16 12 Amateur Photo Bryant and Porter Make Marks

Sonny Bosshamer, Ray Porter

After a 7-4 loss to Porter for the hot seat, Bosshamer faced off with Thomas, ending his seven-match winning streak. Victory was short-lived for Bosshamer as the indomitable Porter swiftly secured the final set to win his first Lone Star Amateur division event.

Tiffany Boysen finished as the top lady in the amateur division. There were two juniors who participated in the amateur division: Mike Calderaro and Michael Fain. Junior Nick Calderaro competed in the open, drawing Ochoa his first round and losing by a score of only 9-6.

Open Results:

1st Charlie Bryant $500
2nd Sylver Ochoa $300
3rd Sonny Bosshamer $150
4th David Gutierrez $80
5th Henry Rocha $35
Grady Cooper

Amateur Results:

1st Ray Porter $420
2nd Sonny Bosshamer $280
3rd Brent Thomas $150
4th Sonny Demetro $100
5th Bill Fain $55
Bobby Pacheco
7th Grady Cooper $25
Henry Rocha

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