Orcollo is Now a Tiger

Dennis Orcollo Tiger Orcollo is Now a Tiger

Orcollo has inked a deal with Tiger Products.

Tiger Products is pleased to announce the signing of Dennis Orcollo as a player representative. “We are pleased to have Dennis onboard with us,” said Tiger President Tony Kalamdaryan. “He is a great player and a good role model for young players everywhere. We feel that he fits the Tiger mold in his desire to excel in this sport. Dennis is a wonderful player and a great sportsman as well.”

Mr. Orcollo will be using exclusively Tiger products as he competes worldwide in major pool competitions. “I am so glad to be part of the Tiger team. I love my new Tiger cue that I used to win the U.S. Open Ten Ball tournament. I am looking forward to my next tournament and will be ready for all my competitors.” The pool world has a new ‘Tiger’ by the tail!

About Tiger Products
Established in 1988 Canoga Park California, Tiger Products started making products for the Shoe Repair Industry. In very short time led the industry with it’s innovative products. Making the famous “V” cut “TIGER” Combination Top Lifts for man, Tiger Products became one of the most respected companies in the industry. Taking different challenges and making quality leather products always has been the back bone for Tiger. Tiger also manufactures Cues, Accessories, Care & Maintenance, Tiger X-Ultra Shafts, variety of leather wraps and the very original STACK® Leather Wrap. At our web site you will find all the information and the prices about these very special products. Visit the Tiger Products web site. Always look for new & original products from TIGER, becasue this is where craftsmanship & technology unite.

About Dennis Orcollo
Dennis began playing billiards at the age of 8 in the house of his grandfather which was located in a remote town in Surigao Del Sur, on the island of Mindanao. At night he would sneak away to practice his skills while his grandfather was sleeping. Dennis’s prior job used to be a fisherman before he tried his luck in billiard. Dennis would expend his skills by playing games throughout different towns by finding means to travel and giving up many nights of sleeping. Dennis’s sheer determination and love for the game earned him the nickname of “Manila Money Game King”. Although not yet winning any world title, he is currently ranked number 7 in the Philippines, number 24 in Asia and number 59 in the world. In the one month that he has been in the USA for the IPT qualifier, he won first place in the 2006 Open 9- Ball World Championship Bar Table Tournament in Oroville CA followed by the 2006 US Bar Box 8 Ball Title in Nevada. He has also placed fourth in the 2006 US Bar Box 9 Ball Championship. He considers his winning of the coveted IPT membership card in Bellflower, California last Feb.19, 2006 as the turning point of his career.

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