Ortmann Fulfills Lifetime Goal at Predator World 14.1 Championships

East Brunswick,NJ – Oliver Ortmann has done almost everything you can do in the game of pocket billiards with European titles galore, US Open Straight Pool titles, and even a World 9-Ball crown. Almost. And today he has fulfilled a full circle of dreams by conquering the field in the most grueling test of straight pool in history.

The day began with Huidji See matched up again with Austria’s Martin Kempter. See demolished Kempter in the round of 32 and the second time would be the same as See cruised through Kempter like a hot knife 200-41.

Next Ortmann was looking to prove Germany as the absolute 14.1 powerhouse of the world by getting to the finals once again , but would need all his skills to defeat the determined American Danny Harriman. Harriman was the only USA player to make it to the semi-finals. I practiced hard for this event. Six hours a day of only straight pool, and I’m a much better player this year for it. warned Harriman. Ortmann looked like he would cruise at the onset, but Harriman came back with a 70 ball run and gave the German many second thoughts. But Ortmann would not be denied and closed the match out 200-123.

The two finalists had played a multitude of straight pool to get to the title match. See had played a total of 12 matches with 3 losses and 9 wins and over 1400 balls made in the event thus far. Ortmann had played 13 matches with 2 losses and 11 wins and over 1700 balls pocketed. The way Ortmann is playing, might as well write his name on that trophy now. said one of the top players watching.

I was rooting for Ortmann from the beginning. He’s become my favorite player because he is so intense. He looks like the most serious player out there commented one of the new fans at the event.

Though See was the underdog, he was determined to put up a fight.

The match see sawed with See leading, and then Ortmann. Then See leading and then Ortmann. Back and forth as neither player could post runs more than 25 balls at a time. The nerves were showing.

The first player to run 40 balls is going to win this match observed Niels Feijen speculating that kind of momentum would dishearten the opposing player.

In the end, Ortmann began a cat and mouse safety battle which eventually led to an open length of the table chance for Ortmann. The Machine from Germany made the shot and ran a nervy 18 balls to claim the title 200-171. This title means alot to me. The fans here watching as well as myself understand what straight pool means. We all love straight pool. said Ortmann in his champion speech to the fans.

This is by far the best event Dragon Promotions produces in my opinion. claimed Danny Harriman.

John Schmidt concurred, I’d trade any of my titles to win this event and be the World Straight Pool Champion. You just can’t win this by being lucky, you really need the skills to back it up here from beginning to end. There’s probably less than ten guys in the world who can really win this event.

Schmidt added, Oliver plays straight pool the way I think it should be played. Flowing, confident and natural. He outplayed everyone here this week. He really is a World Champion.

Oliver Ortmann‘s name will rest upon the new World 14.1 Champions trophy alongside past legendary champions such as De Oro, Mosconi, Caras, Crane, Lassiter, and modern era icons such as Hopkins, Sigel, Mizerak, Varner, Martin, Hunter, and Hohmann.
Top Highest Runs:
1st $5000 Michael Kempter 160
2nd $1000 Thorsten Hohmann 139
3rd $600 Oliver Ortmann 131
4th $400 Dennis Orcullo 117
*Dragon Promotions would like to thank Chicago Dave Grotus for his generous contribution to the players for all $7000 of the high run prize fund.