Baer Brings Home Tri-State Billiard Win
Tri-State Tour / Bayside, NY

by InsidePOOL Staff

Beau Baer rallied from a second-round loss to make his way to the finals and best the undefeated Tony Ignomirello for the title at the Tri-State Tour’s April 22 stop. The 9-ball event was hosted by Cue Bar in Bayside, NY, and boasted a $1,000-added prize purse that attracted 32 players.

tri state SDC10373 Baer Brings Home Tri State Billiard Win

Left-Right: 3rd place - Arturo Reyes, 1st place - Beau Baer, 2nd place - Tony Ignomirello

Ignomirello went unchallenged to the finals, defeating Ben Castaneros 6-5 in the winners’ side final four to reach Arturo Reyes, who had just sent Keith Adamik to the one-loss side 7-5. Their hot seat match was a close one, but it was Ignomirello who took it 7-5.

Fighting his way through the west side, Baer eliminated Gary Murgia in seventh place 7-5 and then sent Adamik home in fifth with a 7-3 victory. Tying with Adamik was Castaneros, who was edged out by Kim Meyer-Gabia 6-5. Baer went on to barrel through Meyer-Gabia 8-6 in the quarterfinal match.

Reyes was Baer’s next victim as he sent Reyes home in third place with a 7-5 win. In the race-to-11 finals, Baer faced off against the undefeated Ignomirello and bested him 11-5.

1st Beau Baer $620
2nd Tony Ignomirello $400
3rd Arturo Reyes $250
4th Kim Meyer-Gabia $150
5th Keith Adamik $90
Ben Castaneros
7th Gary Murgia $70
Yomaylin Feliz

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