Moore Undefeated at Choo-Choo Classic

Great Southern Billiard Tour / Chattanooga, TN
by Rick Davis
Billiards News – Steve Moore, Southern player extraordinaire, was the conductor at the Choo-Choo Classic V, where he went undefeated. Taking place at Diamond Billiard Club in Chattanooga, TN, the Great Southern Billiard Tour drew in a 41-player field for their double-elimination event, but when Moore was not minding the train he was driving the bus as he took everyone to school.
On the winners’ side Moore started the second day of play by defeating Cliff Joyner 9-6 then sent Dave Crockett west after their 9-4 meeting. In the lower half of the chart, Louis Ulrich defeated John “Hennessee” Pinegar 9-5 then tournament director Shannon Daulton 9-7 to meet Moore in the hot seat match. Moore was in top gear, while Ulrich could barely get off the line, and before long Moore had taken the last match needed to see the finals, defeating Ulrich 9-3.
Over on the one-loss side it was anyone’s game for most of the day. Multi-time Viking Tour winner Eddie Little might have been an early favorite if it was not for Pinegar eliminating him 7-4 in his first one-loss-side match. Pinegar went on to eliminate Russ Edwards double-hill and Dave Crockett 7-2 to reach the quarterfinals. Another great Southern player, Bill Bailey, started Day Two on the one-loss side, but after knocking out his fourth player of the day, Daulton 7-1, he was up against Pinegar.
With the final group of matches ready to go the event blazed by, first with Bailey destroying Pinegar 7-2 in the quarterfinals and then Ulrich shutting out Bailey in the semifinals. Ulrich returned for another shot at Moore in the finals, but the event conductor was barreling along. With the score at 8-5 Moore, an unlucky roll for Ulrich handed Moore the rack to cap off an incredible weekend of play.
1st Steve Moore
2nd Louis Ulrich
3rd Bill Bailey
4th John Pinegar
5th Dave Crockett
Shannon Daulton
7th Russ Edwards
Doug Young