Butera Bats Down Hjorleifson

Canadian 30K Tour / Newmarket, ONT
by Willy Hermoza
The Bigwigs boys had the room spic and span with the tables newly re-clothed with Simonis, and the Canadian 30K Tour players showed their approval. The July 14-15 stop in Newmarket, ONT, brought a gathering that was mid-range in handicaps with Erik Hjorleifson, Chris Orme, Rob Brandenburg, and Scott McDonald as the top dogs.
Stop winner Tony Butera went easily through the winners’ side to the hot seat match after a 5-4 victory over Dave Woods. Mike Leigh met Butera there after he survived a double-hill match against Elio D’Andrea. Leigh started off with a 4-1 lead but faltered, allowing Butera not only to catch him but surpass him to win the match 5-4.
Frequent tour winner Erik Hjorleifson was working his way through the one-loss side, cutting down Woods 9-2 and, still riding high, D’Andrea 10-4, sending D’Andrea home with fourth place. Hjorleifson fired at Leigh with both barrels and ended up dealing him a 10-0 whitewashing. But in the finals, both players agreed to a shorter race, and when all was said and done, Butera was sitting in the winner’s circle at the end.
1st Tony Butera
2nd Erik Hjorleifson
3rd Mike Leigh
4th Elio D’Andrea
5th Chris Courteaux
Dave Woods