Mooney, Pearce, and Kraber Capture Lone Star Billiard Wins
Lone Star Billiards Tour / Temple, TX

by InsidePOOL Staff

Future Cues in Temple, TX, hosted the largest Lone Star Billiards Tour event to date February 4-5, drawing 133 players. Tom Mooney topped the 59 open-division players, Jason Pearce defeated a field of 96 amateur players, and Jennifer Kraber bested the other 23 ladies. In all, the event boasted almost $8,000 in prize money.

The open winners’ side final eight saw Joey Barnes defeat Chase Rudder 7-6, Brent Thomas oust David Henson 7-3, Tom Mooney best Kevin Guimond 7-4, and Sam Martinez pass Travis Gunn 7-5. One more round passed and pitted Joey Barnes versus Mooney for the hot seat match. At 6-5 in Mooney’s favor, Barnes missed a crucial 7 ball, and that sewed up the hot seat for Mooney.

lsbt IMG 1987a Mooney, Pearce, and Kraber Capture Lone Star Billiard Wins

Jennifer Kraber, Kim Sanders, Amber Stone

The one-loss side saw Brian Hickman eliminate Guimond 7-4, Gunn best Corey Dordek 7-1, Rudder defeat Ronnie Felder 7-6, and Pearce oust Henson 7-6. When the smoke cleared it was Thomas against Rudder in the quarterfinals. Thomas squeezed by Rudder to clench the one-loss side bracket but fell to a replenished Barnes in the semifinals. Mooney made quick work of Barnes in the final match, capturing his first Lone Star Tour title.

Pearce captured the winners’ side of the amateur event over Steve Lindgren. Brent Thomas came on strong in the one-loss side, blasting through Mooney, Brown, and Lindgren at the end. However, Thomas fell short of Pearce in the final 5-2.

In the ladies’ division, Amber Stone defeated Kim Sanders 5-4, and Kraber bested Tabetha Lewis 5-0, pitting Stone against Kraber for the hot seat. One the one-loss side, Jenni Sherman defeated Anh Tran 4-1 but fell to Lewis 4-3. Also on the west side, Mary Gros defeated Monica Forest 4-2 but fell to Sanders 4-3. Sanders sewed up the one-loss side, ousting Lewis 4-3, while Kraber bested Stone for the hot seat 5-2. Sanders went on to eliminate Stone but fell to Kraber in the finals.

lsbt IMG 1993 Mooney, Pearce, and Kraber Capture Lone Star Billiard Wins

Open Winner Tom Mooney, Runner-Up Joey Barnes

lsbt IMG 1989 Mooney, Pearce, and Kraber Capture Lone Star Billiard Wins

Amateur Winner Jason Pearce

Open Results:
1st Tom Mooney $700
2nd Joey Barnes $440
3rd Brent Thomas $275
4th Chase Rudder $160
5th Travis Gunn $100
Sam Martinez

Amateur Results:
1st Jason Pearce $825
2nd Brent Thomas $545
3rd Steve Lindgren $375
4th Eric Brown $275
5th David Escobedo $150
Tom Mooney
7th James Smiser $100
Ronnie Felder
9th Brian Hickman $40
Robert Hitchcock
Conner Dennett
Phil Sidari

Ladies’ Results:
1st Jennifer Kraber $300
2nd Kim Sanders $180
3rd Amber Stone $95
4th Tabetha Lewis $50

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