Laurance Claims WPBA Masters

Epic Battle of the Hall of Famers

Allison Fisher US Open MT. PLEASANT, MI – The WPBA Masters at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort has now concluded, and the winner is none other than Ewa Mataya Laurance (right), defeating #2 ranked Allison Fisher (left) in an epic battle of two veteran champions.

Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) Hall of Famer and former Grand Ledge, Michigan resident, Ewa Mataya Laurance took an early 2-1 lead in the short televised race to 7 against fellow BCA Hall of Famer, #2 ranked Allison Fisher. Ewa then extended the lead to 3-1, 4-1 and 5-1… And then Allison mounted a comeback!

Ewa Laurance Laurance Claims WPBA Masters

Laurance took an early 2-1 lead in the short televised race to 7 against fellow BCA Hall of Famer, #2 ranked Fisher.

5-2, 5-3, 5-4 and suddenly the score was tied 5-5; a race to two, with Allison breaking. Ewa dug deep and pulled out the next two games for a 7-5 victory and $10,000 payday in the first WPBA event of 2012!

In the first sem-final, Ewa proved she’d be a formidable contender when she defeated #1 ranked Ga Young Kim 7-6 for her place in the title bout.

The other semifinal was a battle of the Fishers: Kelly Fisher vs. Allison Fisher (pictured left). Though they’re not related, they both hail from the U.K. and both yield a deadly cue. Allison pulled out all the stops and defeated Kelly 7-4 to head to the finals against Laurance.

Final Results Top 24 (24 Placed Paid):
1 Ewa Mataya Laurance $10,000
2 Allison Fisher $5,500
3/4 Ga Young Kim, Kelly Fisher $2,750 ea.
5/6 Helena Thornfeldt, Jasmin Ouschan $2,000 ea.
7/8 Jeanette Lee, Eleanor Callado $1,750 ea.
9/12 Liz Ford, Dawn Hopkins, Monica Webb, Brittany Bryant $1,500 ea.
13/16 Karen Corr, Line Kjorsvik, Jennifer Barretta, Gerda Hofstatter $1,250 ea.
17/24 Emilyn Callado, Susan Williams, Joanne Ashton, Teruko Cucculelli, Tamara Peeters, Jennifer Chen, Jessica Barnes, Nicole Keeney $1,000 ea.

To view the final tournament chart, visit and click on “2012 Soaring Eagle Tournament Board.” The three final-round one-hour matches will be broadcast by ESPN for on Sunday, March 18, from 1:30 – 4:30 pm EST.

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