Johnson Commands Tiger Canadian Women’s Tour Stop

Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour / Burlington, ONT
by Carolina Fernandez
The Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour held its fourth event of the 2007 season July 15 at Bobby D’s Billiards Grill in Burlington, Ontario. Out of the field of 27 players, Sunday saw the return of the top 8 of the event, with top honors ultimately falling to Corrine Johnson.
After defeating Grace Nakamura and sending her to the one-loss bracket, Johnson faced Denise Belanger in the match for the hot seat. Although Belanger is the higher-ranked player, she struggled throughout and wasn’t able to compete with Johnson’s precise shots and safeties, resulting with a 6-1 win for Johnson.
In the B-side, Terri “Tiger” Mason fought her way through to the quarterfinals, where she was relegated to fourth place by Brittany Bryant after a double-hill match. It was then Belanger’s turn to face Bryant, but a rattled 8 ball in the hill-hill match gave the win to Bryant. The double-elimination finals between Johnson and Bryant saw Johnson streak to a 5-2 lead, but Bryant fought back to close the gap at 5-4. A scratch by Johnson gave the table to Bryant, who hung the 8 ball, allowing Johnson to finish out the match with a 6-4 win.
1st Corrine Johnson
2nd Brittany Bryant
3rd Denise Belanger
4th Terri Mason
5th Grace Nakamura
Darlene Gardiner
7th Naomi Williams
Sandie Chui