Chamberlain Official Pool and Table Allison Fisher Heads UK at Taobao World Mixed Doubles

Hangzhou, China – Chamberlain Tables has been selected as this year’s Official Table of the Taobao World Mixed Doubles. The top rated table company will feature fantastic international stars competing on its equipment next week, including 15x World Champion Allison Fisher of England! All the players will be joining on November 30th to December 2,2011 at Jiebai Mall in Hangzhou,China. Chamberlain joins, one of the world’s top 20 most visited internet sites, as one of the top sponsors of the event. The combination of Taobao, Chamberlain Tables, 9-Club Entertainment, and Dragon Promotions will secure major TV and media for the event, meaning more people will watch the World Mixed Doubles than any other billiards event in China!

Allison Fisher, the most legendary woman’s player in history, will play her first mixed doubles match in decades. But she is up to the task, and has a great track record. She was a 3x Snooker World Mixed Doubles Champion. She will be playing with UK #1 Craig Osborne. Osborne has …..They take on Team Philippines strong Lee Van Corteza and Iris Ranola. Lee Van is a former Philippines #1 while Ranola is a silver medalist at the Women’s US Open. This will be one of the highlighted marquee TV matches on November 30th.

“I have won in mixed doubles before in Snooker. At that time I had the greatest partner, Steve Davis. We were three times the World Mixed doubles champions in Snooker”, said Allison. This will be her first time ever playing mixed doubles in pool.

Craig was asked about his feelings concerning the World Mixed Doubles and the choice of his partner.

allison fisher tababao Chamberlain Official Pool and Table Allison Fisher Heads UK at Taobao World Mixed Doubles

Fisher, the most legendary woman's player in history, will play her first mixed doubles match in decades.

“Well, what do i need to say about Allison that has not been said a million times over – What a class act she is! It’s an absolute pleasure to be partnering a legend in the pool world! I was invited to play with Allison in the event and just couldnt turn it down. On top of an opportunity to represent England in a great event. These opportunities do not come up very often, so it’s really impossible to refuse!”

The other Britain duet will be none other than the reigning Women’s World 10-Ball Champion Kelly Fisher and her partner Tommy Donlon, former UK #1. They will face up against Team USA’s Shanelle Loraine and Max Eberle. It is the premiere appearance of the USA duo in China. The match will take place on November 30th.

“I have played many times in mixed doubles before at English 8-ball including winning the world title in it. This time I couldnt wish for a better partner… Kelly is on fire at the moment!” said Tommy Donlon.

“We are really honored that we were given the opportunity to sponsor the event. It’s going to be a really amazing show for the sport in China. And it’s an additional honor to be affiliated with such respected international companies such as Taobao, Predator, Master, Aramith and Simonis. We hope this event stays in China for a long time”, says Li Li. Chamberlain Tables was founded in 1996 and was named after Neville Chamberlain, who was credited as the inventor of snooker.

“Chamberlain is one of best run and most respected names in Asia. We are fortunate to have them involved. No doubt, Chamberlain is one of my most favorite table manufacturers”, said Wang Di, President of 9-Club Entertainment.

The World Mixed Doubles will have 28 hours of original TV programming. The last event they produced for ESPN aired for 45 days straight daily. Dragon Promotions was voted the #2 Most Influential Company in the Sport of Billiards by an international survey of the billiard industry. They have produced over 100 events worldwide for the past 10 years.< Read more ...