Krause Kills Competition in Lucasi Billiards Field
Lucasi Hybrid Cues All-American tour / Cedar Rapids, IA

by InsidePOOL Staff

The 2011-2012 Lucasi Hybrid Cues All-American Tour took off with its first tour stop of the year at 2nd Avenue Corner Pocket in Cedar Rapids, IA, October 1. The $500-added 8-ball handicapped tourney on 7-foot Valley bar boxes drew 28 players, all of whom were topped by Tim Krause of Clinton, IA.

On the A-side, Krause and Greg Brewer, also from Clinton, completed their journey to the winners’ side finals with respective wins over Sam Fett 4-1 and Joe Villalpando 4-3. Krause then claimed the hot seat by outpointing Brewer 4-2.

lucasi 1 Krause Kills Competition in Lucasi Billiards Field

(L-R) Will Kohl (3rd), Greg Brewer (2nd) and Tim Krause (1st)

On the one-loss side, Anthony Garcia was ousted at fifth place by Villalpando 5-5, while Fett tied with Garcia via a loss to Will Kohl 5-1. In the quarterfinals, Kohl eliminated Villalpando 5-3 at fourth place. Brewer dropped Kohl into a third-place finish by a 4-3 margin in the next round. The title match only needed one set, as the undefeated Krause kept his momentum in dispatching Brewer 4-2 for the crown.


1st Tim Krause $400
2nd Greg Brewer $250
3rd Will Kohl $150
4th Joe Villalpando $100
5th Anthony Garcia $70
Sam Fett

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