ABP Guidelines & Format for Sanctioned Events

From the Association of Billiard Professionals

The ABP (Association of Billiard Professionals) is pleased to announce the Official ABP Rules of the men’s pro tour of pool. These rules were created by the top pro players in the world. These rules and guidleines will go into effect in 2012. The following is the established guidelines and rules of the Association of Billiard Professionals.

abp logo1 Association of Billiard Professionals Releases Guidelines

The ABP would like to take this opportunity to thank both Barry and Shannon for the civility and professionalism that they both showed throughout the process.

Sanctioning guidelines to be a national United States ABP Ranking Points event:

$25,000 minimum added
$300 minimum entry fee *unless the added money is above $25,000
Event must seed at minimum the top 16 ranked ABP players properly from #1-16 (not random seeding)
Seeding will go by ABP rankings
* ABP encourages all promoters to use the ABP Pro Rules
All new promoters must have the added prize money and entries sent in advance before the tournament dates. Contact ABP for details

Format: All of the following applies to 10-Ball & 9-Ball

Winner breaks
9-Ball minimum race to 11
10-Ball minimum race to 9
Double elimination. *if a major network televised event, reasonable exceptions can be made in formats
One race finals


Call shot & call safety
Missed shot or accidental pocketing even in safes will be Shoot Again option by the opponent
Break box
10-Ball/9ball does not count on break anywhere
Rack your own balls

(*more rules will be added later, these are the ABP Rule basics)

Benefits for promoters:

ABP will publicize and encourage all pro players to participate including the top 50 ranked
Promoters may use ABP pro players in advertisements to promote the event
ABP will provide pro players to attend pro-am events/charities if applicable to the event
Unification of rules and format helps the sport. Promoters will benefit from using the rules and format that the pro membership desires and avoid confusion of rules

To sanction your event or to join the ABP, please contact us at ABPpropool@gmail.com or visit http://www.abp-players.com/
The Association of Billiard Professionals was formed in March of 2010 with the goal of uniting the world’s greatest players. The ABP is harnessing the power of all professional players for a common goal: to improve the sport of billiards so that associations, promoters, sponsors and players alike may work in conjunction to advance the game.
For more info on ABP go visit www.abp-players.com or email abppropool@gmail.com

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