Kamui Named Official Tip of Virginia State 9-Ball Event

Tournament promoter and director Joshua Dickerson is pleased to announce that Kamui Tips will be the official tip of the 2011 VA State 9-Ball Championship. The event will be hosted by Diamond Billiards in Midlothian, VA on July 30-31, 2011.

va state championship1 Kamui Named Official Tip of Virginia State 9 Ball Event

The 2011 VA State 9-Ball Championship will be simulcast live in HD and for free by Inside POOL Video throughout dozens of locations online including Youtube, Facebook and Ustream.

The event is a double elimination tournament limited to 64 players. Live streaming for the event will be provided by Inside POOL Video and will be broadcast live and for free in high definition. The top finisher will receive also receive an entry into the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship in Chesapeake, VA which will be held on October 16-22, 2011.

John Bertone of Kamui said, “Kamui Tips is a proud sponsor of the Virginia State 9-Ball Championship. We know that this is a great event to be part of and for the players to attend. We are also proud to know that this event is streamed in dozens of locations for the enjoyment of the players around the world. The Kamui Brand is about the player and glad to be part of this great event.”

The 2011 VA State 9-ball Championship will be simulcast at dozens of locations, including the following locations:

Ustream InsidePOOLmag Live Streaming Billiards Channel
Youtube InsidePOOLmag Live Streaming Billiards Channel
Facebook InsidePOOLmag Live Streaming Billiards Channel
VA State Pool and Billiards Association web site
Inside POOL Live Streaming
Inside POOL TV

About Kamui
The Kamui brand started just over 7 years ago by a player. We understand that players today want a tip that is consistent and has the most playability. We have the latest in technology to help us become the #1 in Playability and Consistent tip on the market. We are never satisfied with the products we produce, which means we push technology to make our products better for you.

About the Virginia State Pool and Billiards Association
The Virginia State Billiards Association is dedicated to the professional promotion of pool and billiards with a focus on events that showcase billiards in high profile and upscale establishments around the great state of Virginia. The events currently being produced include the Virginia State 9-Ball and the Virginia State 14.1 tournaments. For more information, please visit the web site at VA-Pool.com.

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