Virginia State Championships Ready for Action
InsidePOOL Video to Stream Event

RICHMOND, VA (July 20, 2011): The 36th annual U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships are right around the corner, and with the recent controversy surrounding the venerable event, Joshua Dickerson, promoter and director of the Virginia State 9-Ball Championships, has put out the following statement.

“With the recent events regarding the professional players in the ABP and the Behrman family as they relate to the U.S. Open, I feel there is no better time to win a qualifier and play in the Open. I encourage every pool player who is a Virginia resident to come and play in the 2011 Virginia State 9-Ball Championships! I think that this year’s winner will have a very good chance of going deep in the brackets.”

va state championship Virginia State Championships to Kick Off July 30

VA State 9-Ball Championship starts July 30, 201, being hosted by Diamond Billiards, will be simulcast live in HD and for FREE by Inside POOL at Youtube, Ustream and Facebook.

Dickerson also mentioned several other reasons why players and fans alike should come to this year’s event. Thomas and Cindy Dorsey, owners of Diamond Billiards, LLC in Midlothian Virginia have made some changes to the poolroom that has made it even more comfortable while watching some exciting matches. “The place looks great with the changes. I give the Dorseys credit,” stated Dickerson. “They keep trying new, creative, and exciting things to keep their poolroom interesting for their regular and new customers. I am surprised every time I go in there.”

Dickerson also commented on the coverage for this year’s event. “As all of you are aware, InsidePOOL has signed on once again to cover this year’s event for the magazine, as well as live stream the event on the Internet. After talking with JR Calvert, owner and publisher of InsidePOOL Magazine, I am pleased to announce that the 2011 Virginia State 9 Ball Championships will be streamed on UStream, YouTube, and Facebook simultaneously. I cannot be more pleased with this news,” Dickerson said. “This is what our sport needs right now. It needs to find the best ways to reach more people and get them interested in our sport. The more people are interested, the more exposure it will get. The more exposure it gets, the more sponsors will want to get involved.”

About Diamond Billiards, LLC

Diamond Billiards, LLC is located in Midlothian, VA. They have 14 pool tables, dart boards as well as a full service bar and restaurant. They house BCA and APA leagues as well as weekly tournaments. For more information regarding Diamond Billiards, LLC, you can contact them through their website,

The Virginia State Billiards Association is dedicated to the professional promotion of pool and billiards with a focus on events that showcase billiards in high profile and upscale establishments around the great state of Virginia. The events currently being produced include the Virginia State 9-Ball and the Virginia State 14.1 tournaments. For more information, please visit the web site at

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