Final Four Set for WPBA U.S. Open

Top seed Allison Fisher faced down some heavy opposition Saturday after reaching the final 16. After besting Vivian “The Texas Tornado” Villareal 9-4 in the final 16, single-elimination format, she went on to defeat Jennifer “9 Millimeter” Barretta 7-3 to reach the semifinals Sunday.
Fisher’s opponent, Ga-Young Kim, faced an equally unstable factor in her march to the semifinals. She battled to a double-hill match with the steady Gerda Hofstatter of Austria and prevailed 9-8, only to go on to face Atlanta’s Monica Webb, whom she showed the door 7-3.
In the lower bracket, Xiaoting Pan eliminated Jeanette “The Black Widow” Lee with a resounding 9-3 win, and then matched up with Kelly Fisher. Kelly had faced off with Laura Smith in the final 16, prevailing 9-5. She went on to play a close match with Pan but survived to advance 7-5.
Kim Shaw also did not have an easy run of things. In the final 16, she faced off against Sarah “Velvet” Ellerby and won a close match 9-7, only to have to face the WPBA’s number-two player, Karen Corr. Corr, just off a win against the tough-playing Tiffany Nelson 9-4, was forced to go up against the determined Shaw, who ultimately won the double-hill match 7-6.
View the WPBA US Open tournament brackets (/wpba-us-open-brackets.html)
Sunday’s matches are as follows: Allison Fisher versus Ga-Young Kim in the first semifinal match, and Kelly Fisher and Kim Shaw in the second semifinal match.
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